Describe the last party you went to and in full detail...

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Describe the last party you went to and in full detail...

Hiya guys, thought I might make this thread to see what kind of parties you guys like to go to and what not. I guess I'll start with my last one.

It was Friday night and it was at a friend of mine named Rob. Rob is loaded, I mean richy rich loaded. So I get to the party with 3 of my friends at around 9 oclock. Unfortunately 2 of my bud's had to drive half a dozen stupid sophomore girls to and back from the party and the other's parents found out and she had to leave. So, I'm there by myself just making lots of friends with people I've never met and having lots of fun. I started out with some jungle juice, Everclear and lots of fruit and stuff. Some of us were drinking outside because that's where the cooler was and we had to go outside to smoke-for some reason, when I drink, I could burn through a pack in no time.I think I had about 5 cups of that before someone mysteriously stole the cooler it was in...Afterwards, we headed inside and I had a few screwdrivers. After that I started hitting on random girls and if I remember correctly, just walking into the theatre room and finding one I had talked to and making out for a while. After that...I pretty much had about 6 or 7 shots of malibu coconut rum-which I love btw...haha because no one but me likes coconut. After that I pretty much bombed out until my 2 friends who had to drive people came back at like 2 oclock and one of my friends was supposed to be hooking me up with his girlfriend's sister. He said she was coming over and that I should sober up, where as I said, "Oh thanks Travis, bring her over, AFTER i got completely wasted...thanks". Because it's not all that easy to hit on girls after that much. After it was all said and done, I woke up the next morning at 8 oclock (I always wake up early, even after drinking) and I'm not at all hungover, but you guessed it...I got a cold, and more than likely from the cooler of jungle juice. Oh and we found the cooler the next day empty on the front porch with a napkin saying, "Thanks"...

So I hope you guys enjoyed my description of the party, and I'd be more than happy to hear about your guys' parties. Enjoy!:laugh:


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I am not going to write much detail but....

Last Saturday night we had a party. Food, burgers, hot sasuage, poker game, bonfire, beer (for some). Yeah, I was out all night. Fun times.


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I went to a Chinese party a few weeks ago.. that should be enough said but this was different b/c we had American guests too.

So there wasn't THAT much DDR.. instead there was some Madden.... and ping pong.

And this little girl wanted to pull down my friend's (who was a girl too) pants down so that was weird..