Demon Hunter Sentry Breakpoints Explained


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Demon Hunter Sentry Breakpoints Explained

Breakpoints were a familiar concept from Diablo 2, where they were essential info for numerous character functions. Attack speed, casting speed, blocking speed, stun lock, etc.

D3 removed most of those variables and keyed everything to Attack Speed, and it doesn't have any breakpoints for character attacks. There are breakpoints for pet attacks though, and the most impactful of those are the Demon Hunter's Sentries, especially when the Marauder's Six Piece bonus grants Sentries the ability to pewpewpew with the DH's Hatred Spenders.

How does your DH's attack speed translate to the attack rate of the Sentries? How many more shots will the Sentries manage if you get up to the next breakpoint? It's complicated to calculate in your head, and Tasker and Theo just adds to the mess with the faster pet attack speed Legendary Affix. Fortunately, there are useful resources online to automate the process, and those, plus the basic function of Breakpoints are well-explained in this video by Rykhher. Demon Hunter Sentry Breakpoints Explained

The three resources mentioned in the video can be viewed here:

Here are the pics showing the two and three DH skill builds and how they are affected by each breakpoint.

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Why does MS go down from 30 on BP 4 to 25 on BP 5 on the 2 spender chart? I hope that is a mistake.


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The final break point can only be hit with a hand crossbow, but its absolutely crazy. Sentries fire Elemental Arrow shots really fast.

Sadly, the DPS of this build is weak unless you are geared perfectly for it, and hitting the break point often takes sacrificing stats in multiple pieces of gear. If, however you are geared right nothing beats it. (Most top tier DH use a hand cross).


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That is not a mistake. What happens is another bolt or elemental arrow sneaks in there and is fired instead of multi. Note the total number of things fired will go up for breakpoint 5.

The sentry fires at a set attacks per second, and it fires the highest hatred cost ability that is off its internal cooldown, which does not change with different breakpoints.


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Excellent program. I used it yesterday and tweaked both my dh, but today it says I have 'no' dh. Hm, wonder what went wrong.

I note mjinspace comment on top dh use hand cross. Actually, the site I use to study dh shows one of the top 20 using hand cross. Most use Etrayu. The added speed of the hand cross is not huge as both can easily be at lvl 6 and sentries fire exactly the same. The Etrayu with 20% cold damage usually out preforms a hand cross. I think. anyway.