Dell..and the Six Million Dollar Man


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Dell..and the Six Million Dollar Man

I wanted to share something that just seemed hysterical to me.

I bought Liam a Dell computer (yeah, my mistake) for Christmas and I only receive half of my statements and they are never available on line. I don't send payments out without a coupon and for some reason no one in India can either email me a statement or mail one out.

I get this email from India:

Thank you for contacting Dell Financial Services (DFS) regarding your account.

Please allow the following information to serve as your statement. Please note that your payment of $34.00 is due on 04/16/2005 . Please remit your payment to the following address:
Dell Preferred Account
Payment Processing Center
PO Box 6403
Carol Stream
IL 60197-6403

Please write your Dell Preferred Account number on your check to ensure that your payment posts to the correct account.

Additionally, if you would please verify the address to which we should mail your monthly invoices. Our records currently show your address to be:


Please allow this email to confirm that we have placed a note on your account and have waived late fee charge of $35.00, hence you would not see a late charge assessment on the account.

If you have not already, we invite you to visit our new and improved website at We now provide a variety of account information including balance, available credit, and the date and amount of your last payment received. You can even update your billing address online as well.

Of course, should you have any other questions regarding your account that are not addressed by our website, please do not hesitate to contact us at (800) 283-2210 or respond by return e-mail. We will be happy to assist you.


Steve Austin
Customer Support
Dell Financial Services L.P.

The Six Million Dollar Man is alive and working at Dell!!

Just to let you all know, my payment isn't due for 9 days..I just won't send a check in without a coupon. I did that once and it was a pain to get it credited to the correct account. They cashed the check..didn't credit my was a real pain to get it all straightened out.

And you all wondered whatever happened to Lee Majors.


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That's a funny name for sure, and I sure don't want to know what he was called in school.

But a paperless society is the future, live with it. A receipt from the bank for a deposit is worthless, and even if you have one they don't care. It's about the money.


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kernelpops said:
That's a funny name for sure, and I sure don't want to know what he was called in school.

But a paperless society is the future, live with it. A receipt from the bank for a deposit is worthless, and even if you have one they don't care. It's about the money.
oh we care. if you have a reciept we can track down the transaction. that's what those numbers on the stamp has to be stamped though.


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That poor guy's probably been getting crap about his name since the 70's.

Zodi, you're just perpetuating the cyle of abuse. ;)


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blu3l1ghtn1ng said:
I dont get it. Was scsa ever called the million dollar man..cuz i swear that its someone elses name in wrestling.

Oh my...Steve Austin was the Six Million Dollar Man: Steve Austin

Jaimie Sommers was the Bionic Woman: Jaime Sommers

Good golly, you guys missed out on some good shows.


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For those of you who know more about wrasslin' than old timey TV shows, the million dollar man was Ted Dibiase.


I got something to share with you too.

Got a dell like 5 years ago...
p3 450mhz, 128mb ram, nvidia riva tnt.
Thought it was great... esp in telling my dad to go p3, not p2... except a few minor problems.

My motherboard can only handle a 500mhz cpu, no more, so I need a whole new mobo to get a better cpu. I was really expecting this to be more like 800-1000mhz, but nope, Dell jipped me on this.

My RAM is pc100... My mobo can accept pc133 ram, but it'll only run @ pc100 speed. Something else they jipped me on.

Now they make things look like 3ghz cpu, but they give you only ddr266 ram max, and a mobo that can't support ddr333 and ddr400 ram, happened to a friend of a friend of mine.

My other friend's dell has 800mhz, pc133 ram, but has no AGP slot!!, talk about a load of horse radish!

In the past, when I had technical problems, I tried calling up dell, and I had to wait for 30-60 minutes to talk to someone. Their entire phone system was very disorganized and I couldn't get around. I am 22 years old and have talked to other dell customers and have shared in the same disatisfaction concerning their customer service.

So yeah, dell is BS. go OEM like pricewatch, tiger-direct, ncix.... these work out great... even learn this stuff, it's good 4 u.


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I think it's unreasonable to assume that buying a computer automatically means that you will have the ability to upgrade it without replacing some of the componenets. Dell computers are meant to be bought and used as-is. If you've got something more complex in mind, perhaps a Dell isn't for you.


Ok, so you weren't talking about Stone Cold Steve bad.

I still think it would be funny to sign it Kurt Angle. ;)


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Da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da plus slow-mo equals one show

I would have asked Steve if he knows Lee Majors but hey, that's me.


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I was under the impression that the Six Million Dollar Man had eloped with Big Foot and are currently living in Canada after getting help from Brock Samson.

My bad i suppose.

I bet Vince Mcmahon is behind all of this. That bastard.