Delay in taking TP to town

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Delay in taking TP to town

Hi all,

Another thing I've noticed as I play. Often when I TP back to town, the game will appear to freeze for several (~10 or so?) seconds after I click to enter the TP before I appear in town. Does this happen to anyone else?

It didn't used to do this, but I don't recall when it started or what I might have done to my computer around that time. Since I'm using a new G5 Mac, it shouldn't be any kind of raw speed/loading time issue I wouldn't think.

Maybe it just takes my Barb a little longer to find his way through the portal network since he refuses to ask directions :uhhuh:


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For any of your video-issues, i recommend trying tha migthy video test tool, and change the graphics to whatever you're not using at the moment (3d/2d/dx/opengl/whatever) This one has saved me a lot of trouble


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Even in Software Video mode there are times where I get a lag
going to town (especially from Durance level 3 near Meph). It
does seem to be worse if I have a lot of stuff on the ground in
town. :scratch:


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Try turning off your mini-map before going back to town. It is a video memory issue. What kind of ram do you have and what vid card?


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The worst possible graphics card he could have installed is an NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200 Ultra w/ 64MB DDR VRAM, so it's not that.

I've had this same problem (on a much older Mac, mind you,) but it happens in some cases when it seems that it shouldn't, like going back to the Rogue Encampment after having left it seconds earlier. Perhaps it's some Mac D2 NPC generation issue or something very strange like that. Maybe it's a backdoor for Blizzard to gain access to a Mac and bask in its warm glow for three seconds before leaving it again. :)

...I'm sure someone has a much better answer and I'll camp out to hear it, too. :p

edit: absolute minimum amount of ram: 256MB of DDR333 128-bit SDRAM


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Mmmm...the G5...even the bad one's are really good! I'm basking in the spluttering candle flicker of my G3 :scared:


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wildjinn said:
edit: absolute minimum amount of ram: 256MB of DDR333 128-bit SDRAM
RAM has to be installed in pairs in the G5s so the minimum is 2x256. :p

I get this lag sometimes too. I think it basically depends on whether it's the first time for you to TP to that town in that particular game. I've never died from it or anything, and it does always get much quicker from the second TP trip on.