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[Build] Del Rasha's elements for Greater Rifts

Discussion in 'Wizard' started by tougeznut, Apr 16, 2015.

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    Oct 11, 2012
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    I play in hardcore, so safety is a big concern for me. I want to chase the top ranks in leader boards, but I can't die doing it. This is a build I've put together that allows me to do that, while maintaining an aggressive playstyle.

    This build isn't dependant on super rare gear, but there are pieces that make it work better. This build (with a bit of practice) can get you into speed farming the late gr30's with safety and ease. I've used it to push up to gr45 so far in Hardcore. Here's a general summary (with some variants) if anyone wants to try it out:

    The build is a combination of Tal Rasha's elements and Delsere's magnum opus that utilizes a ring of royal grandeur.
    Tal's pieces (need 5):
    Head, chest, belt, pants, source, gloves, amulet
    Delsere's pieces (need 3):
    Head, shoulders, chest, gloves, pants, boots
    There are a number of different ways to reach the necessary 5/3 pieces of gear, and any will work for this build.

    Additional (rare) gear that makes the build better:
    • Crown of the Primus helm (makes those slow time bubbles infinitely better)
    • Serpent Sparker wand (double your hydras, double your...)
    • Tasker & Theo gloves (helps your hydra hit a higher attack speed breakpoint. Only useful to use with Serpent Sparker)
    • Ancient Parthan Defenders (huge defensive boost since nearly everything will be stunned or frozen
    • Unity (for solo play), SoJ (for more elite/elemental damage), Elements ring (for cyclic HUGE buffs to a single element)

    Any weapon will do, but ancient is almost always better. Any bracer will do.* Arcane needs to be your highest element if you have elemental damage on mulitple gear pieces. You can split between fire and arcane, but make sure arcane is always higher.


    This play style is very basic, but once you feel really comfortable with it, you can get pretty aggressive with it. Since it is a Tal's build, you need to work with a "rotation" of skills. This is what I've found to work best for me, but you may find something else more comfortable.
    Set space bar as your "stand still/stop moving" button. You'll have shock pulse (lightning) as your left click and you can tap the space bar to use it in a stutter step fashion. Then cast blizzard (cold) on the biggest threat in the mob to freeze them. Cast a hydra (fire) far enough away to benefit from Zeis, then cover the mob with a slow time (arcane).

    With paragon, evocation (passive), and a diamond in your helm you should be able to cast another slow time (ST) after three shock pulse casts. Usually you can cast 2-3 ST before the Tal's buff falls off, but you'll hardly need more than two to deal with most mobs.

    The edge of your ST is what stuns, so you can place them strategically (like on rift guardians) to control the battlefield. The great crowd control offers you a lot of leeway with how you move through rifts. You can use ST to trap useless stragglers and move past without worrying much about them coming after you later. You can also stun lock most rift guardians without ever having them activate their most dangerous skills (Orlash, anyone?).

    Here's my hardcore wizard for gearing reference: I have attemped a gr47, but I wasn't being very aggressive and missed by 3 minutes.
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