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Which of the stories did you like best?

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It's a bit of the 3. I play it as a game and don't care much about the science stuff (i.e. maths and whatnot). And the art is everywhere in this game like in almost anything.


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Butzull said:
I think if it was a game people would kill all baddies even after completing the quests, ...

Butz. :teeth:
But Butz, that's exactly what I do! Sometimes the level boss just shows up early. It's still my solemn duty to rid the earth of the rest of the vermin. :D
Science is art! :)

I think it is a little of both to me. My art is bring severly underpowered builds into Hell HC, untwinked for the most part, and my science is not in making specific builds, but exploiting the poor enemy AI so that I might live to see my chars gain but one more level.


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As I walk through the depths of hell, surrounded by foul demonic entities, i paint the world full of blood and silly looking dead thingies, laughing sinisterly,
and eating a sandwich, only, to do it over again, the next minute, hour, day, and perhaps, year, because i want to perfect the perfect masterpiece.
(all druids and barbs excluded from everything I just said).

And so, my art, no, my freakishly addictive passion, no, my this-takes-to-much-of-my-time-for-it-to-be-very-good-for-my-health-character-or-any-other-major-life-supporting-systemmatyic-function-hobby . . .

im just gonna stop here and say that i chose art, cause, well, why not?