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Hi gang. After seeing my defense numbers with just 900+ body armor, HoZ, a Defiance merc, slvl 24 Holy Shield, and one natural point in Defiance, I'm thinking I'd like to start a new Defiant paladin (one of my favorites from D2C). I was just curious if any of you had tried it in 1.10 or had any ideas? I searched for this topic in the Paladin forum but mostly just saw people saying "use defiance as a synergy and fanaticism as your aura", which does me no good at all. I'm not looking for the uber-build, just one that will fit the Defiant playstyle. :D

Since I know the SPF is more variant-friendly, I hope you don't mind me asking.

STR 212 or 232 (In the unlikely event I find some good Sacred Armor, with +20 STR from HoZ)
DEX 117 (To use Lightsaber, with +19 Dex from Ravenfrost)
VIT all else
NRG base

Sacrifice 20 (synergy for zeal)
Zeal 20 (primary attack)
Vengeance 1+ (for PI monsters, will add more after all others are reached)
Holy Bolt 1
Blessed Hammer 1
Smite 1
Charge 1
Holy Shield 20
Prayer 1
Defiance 20
Meditation 1
Cleansing 1
Vigor 1
Redemption 1

90 total skill points, should reach goal with Hell Izual quest reward.

Gear (This is where I'm most uncertain)
- Whatever my highest def armor would be. The best I can do right now is a 1200+ Dusk Shroud, or I might go with an upgraded Atma's, but I'm on the lookout for more.

- HoZ. The only shield I'd even think of using instead is, of course, Stormshield, and I don't have any of those.

- Lightsaber. The best one-handed weapon I've got, the speed is nice, the ML is essential, and the extra lightning and magic damage will help this offensively-underpowered build a lot.

- Ravenfrost. Entirely unsure about what my other ring would be, but I'm leaning towards a dual-leech Blood ring I crafted recently.

- Any amulet that gives good resists. Any other mods would just be gravy.

- No clue as to what my helmet would be. My current options are pretty limited here, though, and I'd have to choose between a Holy Giant Conch, Rockstopper, and Crown of Thieves, upgrading whichever I decide on, if possible. Were it not so ugly, especially on paladins, I'd choose Tal Rasha's mask, but it is so ugly, so I'm not choosing it. :)

- A lot of decent belts to choose from, but none are really great: IK belt, SoE, Tal Rasha's, Hwanin's, Credendum, M'avina's. No TGod's, though. :(

- As usual with gloves, I'll rotate between Laying of Hands, Gravepalm, and Venom Grip depending on the circumstances. Might add M'avina's to the mix, too, to save more stat points.

- My collection of boots is so bad I might just go barefoot. Seriously, though, the only decent option, if you can call it that, is Tearhaunch right now.

- +Life, FHR, resists charms, and at least one poison damage charm, no matter how weak, to slow down monster health regeneration.

Merc - Might, armed with the next highest DR armor I have, a dual-Amned ethereal Cruel Partizan, and any helm with LL.

As you can see, I'm 1) looking for balanced defense, not just the highest DR possible; and 2) crazy for attempting this build despite not having anything close to the best gear for it. Still, once I get that bug to play a Defiant, I don't let little things like equipment stop me.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions you might have about my skill, stat, and gear thoughts. :)


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If you do decide to try this build, I might have a rare hellforge plate you can use if you want. Here are the stats

Rune Coat
Hellforge Plate
Defense: 1290
Durability: 56 of 60
Required Strength: 196
Required Level: 59
Item Version: 1.10 Expansion
Item Level: **
Fingerprint: 0x9d8c0ed2
+1 to Strength
+143% Enhanced Defense
Damage Reduced by 3
Cold Resist +26%
Repairs 1 durability in 20 seconds
Socketed (2: 0 used)

I've never been too keen on huge defense ratings but this could be decent. I can't think of a use for it for myself but maybe you can use it.


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oh oh oh!

im not a lone loony! while im on the realms, not SP, i have been muling over the exact same build (well similar, but the same maxed skills) and im glad to see im not alone in doing this lol

best of luck to you man, and i hope our paladins work out ^_^

wow, thats one hell of a nice armor IMO, only thing its lacking is etheral!


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I have 2x +100 defense GC (with 2nd mod) which collect dust in a mule. Just PM me your mail and they are yours.

Gengis Chuck

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Looks like a fun build and you should be able to get a ridiculously high defense rating.

I would recommend trying to get as much Crushing Blow as possible since your going to lacking a bit in the damage area. Goblin Toe boots and the set helm Guilleam's Face are a great way to get lots of CB (60%) and along with 5fps Zeal with Lightsaber you should be doing alright with your killing speed.

IK gloves and belt are a great combo with the great stat bonus, high defense (especially when used together to get the set bonus), and 25%IAS. The IAS would be helpful if you wanted to go for the 55% extra IAS you'd need to hit 4fps with the Lightsaber.

Armor-wise if you've got the runes for Gloom (Fal + Um + Pul) or Stone (Shael + Um + Pul + Lum) I think that would be ideal with an elite armor for this build. Also nice would be an upgraded Shaftstop or Duriels which would put them at about 1300-1500 Defense along with the other nice mods.

I put Stone in an eth superior Hellforge plate and it got over 3,000 Defense. :uhhuh: I gave it to my Avenger's Defiant merc and his DR went over 17k.

Good luck! :)


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I hava a zealot/defiant one, with the newly traded templar's might and maxed holy shield, defiance, war cries from a barb, can have over 50k of defence. Although most of the time I use fanaticism to kill things, and use defiance to tank PIs I can't kill, give other casters time to do the work. In hell most guys have less than 10% chance to hit you, with max block, he sure can tank a lot,

current stats (base)

strength 232 (or was it more, can't remember off my head).
Dex max blocking, and some more for AR, can't remember the #
Vit rest
enengy base.

max: sacrifice, zeal, fanaticism, holy shield, defiance, one pts in each pre.


spiral55 said:
I searched for this topic in the Paladin forum but mostly just saw people saying "use defiance as a synergy and fanaticism as your aura", which does me no good at all. I'm not looking for the uber-build, just one that will fit the Defiant playstyle. :D

Since I know the SPF is more variant-friendly, I hope you don't mind me asking.
I know that Paladin-forum-bashing is in vogue, so I'm not going to start anything.

The fact is that the DR difference between:

1. Using Defiance as a synergy, getting a Defiance merc, and using an ED% aura (i.e. Fanat or Conc)...


2. Using Defiance as your main aura and getting a Might merc... not that great. It's the difference between getting hit 5% of the time versus 10% of the time. However, the damage output difference is significant.

You asked for opinions in the Paladin forum and you got some. Why bad mouth us on another board. For the record, the Paladin forum is the most variant friendly on this site.

BTW, I personally feel that a Defiant should use Defiance as his main aura (I have a Defiant Vindicator), but there are many ways to play this build. You can even use an Ethereal "Exile" shield (still use your Defiance as a synergy) and go with a Might merc for even more physical damage.

For a helmet, any of the exceptional uniques with 100+% Enhanced Defense can be upgraded and serve as a very good Defiant accessory. The choice depends on what you're lacking in your build (i.e. LL, resists, +str, etc.)

If your lacking AR, you can always pump BA for the passive bonus.

Good luck.


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@ Politik and ricrestoni: Thanks! I'll PM you today with my e-mail addy.

@ Baniser: Likewise. :D

@ Gengis Chuck: Good point about the Crushing Blow, but the only CB item I've got is Goblin Toe. Still, that should help more than any other boots I've got. As for the other items you mentioned, except the IK belt, I don't have any of them. As for Stone and Gloom, I lack just the Um, but if need be, I can run Hell Countess over and over until I get one, so that's another good idea.. Aside from Rhyme, I so seldom get to make runewords that I usually don't even think about them in my planning.

@ NSXdreamer: Yeah, I know active Fanaticism and passive Defiance would allow me to kill faster without giving up a lot of defense, but I feel like I need to break myself of using Offensive Auras all the time. This build is as much about me doing something different from what I normally do as it is about doing something different from what most melee paladins do. Nothing wrong with either of them, I just need a change, you know? :)

@ Any1: I haven't posted to the pally forum since the last forums crash. I did read the thread to which you refer while searching, though, and that's where I got the impression that power was prized more than variety over there. I was in no way badmouthing the pally forum. I've seen more unusual builds (from all classes) come from the SPF than the other forums combined, though. I'm sorry if I gave the impression I was knocking the pally forum.

In fact, a few years ago, I was a regular poster there under the screen name Dalen, and I remember it as being the friendliest, most informative, most encouraging forum around, and in some ways it still is. However, the thread you're refering, as well as others I've seen just from checking it every couple of days, gives the impression that variants aren't as welcome there as they used to be. Either way, I assure you, no insult to you or any pally forum reg was intended. :)

Thanks again, all!


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Oh, I have both aura maxed and hotkeyed, and use one as situation requires, so it's as quick as press a button to switch from a zealot to a defiant. The thing is if you use defensive aura only, you would be quite popular with a party as you can tank a lot, but you can't really kill anything in later hell and will have to party with others. Mine is not a pure defiant, it's really a zealot/defiant hybrid.