Defiance vs Blessed Aim


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Defiance vs Blessed Aim

Ok, what would be the best skill to put the last 9 points in if i have

20 vengeance
20 conviction
10 all resists for synergies
20 holy shield

being a avenger player would i go with Defiance for the synergy or would blessed aim still help me better than more defense?

( this is all hypothetical ya know,i dont want to waste my time making a pally that wastes even 1 point , i want every point to be used for something that i can use in heavy battles like synergies & passive bonuses.

There are just too many skills to take advantage of & not enough skill points to allocate.Can someone help me please one this?


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I would go for Defiance. With Conviction aura you should not have any problems with your chance to hit.
Those 9 points would improve your defense nicely.


I agree with Loboleal, you won't need the BA's AR boost if you're using maxed Conviction. Go for either Defiance, for HS synergy, or pump the Vengenace synergies further up.


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what about the PvP penalty on coviction ,will it still be enough to bite through someones defenses?


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That is my build almost exactly. You will have no problems hitting anything without blessed aim. I've read the conviction gains no benefit above level 25, keep this in mind with you +skill items.

Good Luck