Default Please help a first time Barbarian build...


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Hi, I am on my first playthrough for a Barbarian.

What level was your character after your first playthrough?

I am going to use this Whirly Barb build with my skill points in the following categories:

20 Whirlwind
20 Weapon Mastery
20 Battle Orders
20 Shout

I assume I won't be at the level to achieve those skill level amounts during my first playthrough, so how many points do you recommend I put into those four skills in my first playthrough.


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First time beating Hell difficulty beating characters usually end up clvl 81-85.

I'd max the skills in this order (considering no respec of course):
whirlwind - BO - shout - mastery.
Mastery as soon as you have the endgame weapontype is useful to incrise slvl 10.

Another thing: put some point into Berserk, else you'll have great trouble against physical immun monsters.


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Usually I've been in the 70's endgame. I toss points in Mastery first (which you can change now anyway if you change your mind), so I can get better damage and AR with any of the prerequisites that will be used prior to WW. Even then, mastery adds damage/ar/critical with no cost to mana. Then BO for life and mana support for WW. WW 3rd. Then I do shout last, which I feel is not as useful, but pumping that toward the end will help berzerk, which you may need to switch to for physical immunes.


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I would place att least 1 skill point in other usefull skills. Taunt, natural res, warcry, berzerk and maybe iron skin. Don't underestimate the warcries!