deepfreeze - read if you know please


deepfreeze - read if you know please

School here has several viruses and security risks from scanning from trendmicro pc cillin (One of best AV/etc. out there).

I want to get rid of these, but because deepfreeze is installed/running, computer reboots back with these viruses and security risks.

How do I disable df? Intention behind my actions for the greater good ;)

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We use deep freeze here at the college im at, and the only way you can disable it, is to have a tech that knows the password disable it for you. You will need to notify the IT dept. that there are virii on that PC so that it can be cleaned.


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If you know how to disable deepfreeze, I would definitely like to know, that bugger's been hurting us for a long time
palerider said:
Only option is to know the password, or perhaps crack it if you are a l33t haxx0r.
It would be easier to use a bootable Linux CD and delete the virus manually. PHLAK is an excellent distro for this, it looks like XP.


done research....

anyways, I informed the program manager about 2 weeks about this and how theirs keyloggers and viruses on these computers.
Did she do much or anything? Nothing at all, and I've even gone to the college/campus to inform them, did they do anything? nope.
It's like they don't care or they did this on purpose to see exactly what people are typing and doing.
This breeches my freedom rights, and believe me, it aint for games, although many people here do play games.

Seems they want nothing to do with fixing these computers up so I'm taking matters into my own hands.

Boot into DOS using boot floppy, del the persis0.sys or persi0.sys file, depending on your OS.
This may do the trick, and it also says that if you can edit the registry and take out deepfreeze out of there, "somehow", that would also do the trick.

That's as far as I've gotten.... on a side note, their might be a BIOS password that requires cracking in this process, I wouldn't know where to start with that.

ctrl - double click icon, if you have password, you can enter it in here.
ctrl - alt - shift - f6 is another way of doing this.

and blah blah. thoughts appreciated.