Deeds of Valor of Warriors of Light

Warrior of Light

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Deeds of Valor of Warriors of Light

The warrior knows that he is free to choose his desires, and he makes these decisions with courage, detachment and -- sometimes -- with just a touch of madness.
He embraces his passions and enjoys them intensely. He knows that there is no need to renounce the pleasures of conquest; they are part of life and bring joy to all those who participate in them.

The Rules

  • A warrior of light may have any class.
  • A warrior of light plays Hardcore.
  • A warrior of light always seeks for challenges.
  • A warrior of light uses a sword to fight.
  • A warrior of light stand close to his enemy, he likes to look into his eyes, he likes to smell the fear of his enemy, he will never fight from distance.
  • The power of a warrior of light lies in his faith, hope and love, he doesn’t need anything else.
  • To win a battle a warrior of light needs just enthusiasm and experience, he doesn’t need any special item or special skill.
  • A warrior of light uses all, that angels gave to him to help him, but he will newer hunt for items or gold.
  • A warrior of light train a lot to have enough power to defeat his enemy, he learn lessons of battles to increase his experience, but he will never spend his life just in training for experience.
  • A warrior of light isn't blind, he will never come into battle that he cannot win.
  • Warriors of light like to meet together to tell the stories of their fights. The goal of the stories isn't false pride, they just help them to find new challenges and to find enough power to win in them.

A warrior of light knows his own faults. But he also knows his qualities.
Some of his companions complain all the time that ‘other people have more opportunities than we do.’
Perhaps they are right, but a warrior does not allow himself to be paralyzed by this; he tries to make the most of his virtues.
He knows that the gazelle's power lies in its strong legs. The power of the seagull lies in the accuracy with which it can spear a fish. He has learned that the reason the tiger does not fear the hyena is because he is aware of his own strength.
He tries to establish what he can truly rely on. And he always checks that he carries three things with him: faith, hope and love.
If these three things are there, he does not hesitate to go forward.

See “The Introduction of Warrior of Light †thread.
Warriors of light should be pally's, and you shouldnt even consider necros, there kind of your opposite.
Anyway, odd personnel quests are our specialty, so i think you'll fit in nicely around here.


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seems like a barb could be a WoL by above def's.
yah - necro is a no no (poison, bone, curses, and revives? no light there :lol: )


or Shadow Masteries? traps are already out, so are blades and venom. only MA...

any zon in her right mind is also out. Swordzon? :lol:

Druids have to be melee (no elemental/summon) but how much does a werebear fit the standards of a Warrior of Light?

all sorcs except for enchantress are also out (and that is only if a Warrior of Light can be female)

nothing the necro does is acceptable to a WoL, that's definitely out.

that leaves us with barbs (Conc/Frenzy/Zerk--does WW qualify?) and pallies (Zealot/Avenger--Smite?) as the main classes, with the 2 builds mentioned above.

Warrior of Light

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Anyone could be a warrior of light. He just stops for a moment, looks back, through away all that he has, takes a sword, prepares for a battle in a pray, and starts to take challenges with just a faith, hope and love in his heart.

Why not Necromancer? He may just destroy all his false minions, take a sword and fight with honor as any warrior of light. Yes, his Gods are strange, but he also may have good faith. Yes, he have few honorable skills, but with his faith he can protect himself and curse his Enemies to help his sword slay them.

Yes, Paladin is favorite class for warrior of light. However many paladins have their own ways, that are not the way of warrior of light. They are Hummerdins, Templars, Rangers and all paladins, who prefer don't use a sword.

Any class may take a sword and start fighting close to enemies.

A warrior of light doesn't care about killing speed, raw damage, item finding, build optimizing. He just seeks challenges. He likes to win, but he also likes to lose sometimes, because every lose teach him how to win. Eventually warrior becomes experienced enough for winning in any challenge with just enthusiasm and experience in tactics and strategy.


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Is this supposed to be an MP Group or something? You said something about not needing any special skills, does this become skill restrictions? At first when I read this it sounded like a cult or something lol. I'm interested in starting HC and would rather play with one or more people, perhaps you could explain this a little more.

Warrior of Light

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The way of a warrior of light is neither a cult no a MP grope. =)
It is just a style of playing aimed to getting more fun from the game.

If you want to start HC, just start it. Take a sword and go to your enemies with a smile on your face. You cannot lose, eventually you will win if you want to win.


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Llathias said:
any zon in her right mind is also out. Swordzon? :lol:

nothing the necro does is acceptable to a WoL, that's definitely out.

that leaves us with barbs (Conc/Frenzy/Zerk--does WW qualify?) and pallies (Zealot/Avenger--Smite?) as the main classes, with the 2 builds mentioned above.
I demand that you take that back! Hehe.

The necro could always just do nothing but swing swords and use oskills and charges. What's wrong with death anyway? Every warrior must face his mortality.

Playing plain, no character-skill builds is an interesting idea, to be sure. If not being extremely hard on oneself.


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Necro's can't be warriors of light....or darkness.
they are neutral. rather like BG's druids. they only fight on one side or another until the balance of being is restored.

unlike BG druids however diablo druids just like to k33l things!

Warrior of Light

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Here is the deeds of valor of Warrior of Light, Hardcore Paladin.

He played in the Theme-Based Tourney.

Character name : WarriorOfLight
Character type : Dead Hardcore Paladin
Character level : 56

Strength : 90
Energy : 20
Dexterity : 110
Vitality : 145

Life : 0 / 545
Mana : 0 / 105

Level 4 Zeal,
Level 20 Holy Shock,
Level 20 Resist Lightning,
The rest in Salvation.


Rixot's Keen sword -- 25% Chance of Crusing Blow.
Full Plate Mail -- 30% resist all (Ral+Ort+Tal+Thul).
Steelclash shield -- +1 to all skills, +15 resist all.
Infernal Cranium Cap -- 10% resist all.
Hsaru's Iron Stay Belt -- +20 to Life, Cold Resist +20%.
Rare amulet with life.
Rare rings with resistance.
Rare boots with resistance.
Charms with life, attack rating and resistance.

He used Defiance mercenary.

He had around 4k maximum damage, that was enough to play in “/players8†mode all the time.

Warrior of light was slain by Death Beetle in Nightmare Act 2. It was mana burn extra strong random unique beetle with minions.
Rest in peace brave hero. Your deeds of valor will be remembered.

It is time for Warrior of Light II.