deadly strike etc


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deadly strike etc

Well my (relatively) kitted out paladin now has an impressive collection abilities inherent in his gear, namely deadly strike, open wounds and crushing blow. these all sound like great fun, but i've recently realised that i actually have no idea what they really DO. could anyone possibly explain the machanics of them, or just point me in the direction of a guide? many thanks.


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A deadly strike deals double damage. There are other ways to deal double damage, e.g. the critical strike skill from amazons or weapon mastery from barb. The chances to occur neither stack nor can both of them trigger at the same time for quadruple damage, although if the one fails, the other will still be checked for.

A crushing blow deals a certain fraction of a monster's current life, no matter how much it is, but subject to physical resistance or immunity. Very useful versus Baal, very, very useful versus the Ãœbers.

Open wounds is causing a bleeding which deals continuous damage for some time. The higher your level, the more it is. You can deal multiple wounds at the same time.


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Click "Strategy Compendium" link in Krischan's signature to get more info about DS/CB/OW.