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I don't know where the proper place to post this is, but i only have about 10 min left before i have to leave. I finally got my first dclone ever, but i can in no way/shape/form take him alone, anyone have a fully decked out dclone killler? i need an anni charm very badly =]

game name is
r 3//1


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I showed up to help you, I also called a few friends in to help. We, like most on this forum play by the rule, the owner of game gets charm. It appears you really did not want the help, since you asked us to leave after your friend shows. I suggest you don'r bother asking for help here in the future. I for one will not waste my time by trying to help you. Frankly keep any excuses you have to yourself.

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Yes it was east


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I'd have to agree with nobodyII. Once you post in a pub forum about dclone in a private game, your game is then pub. Asking them to leave is like asking people in a pub game to leave.

Chances are 9/10ths of people who read this and showed up would be honorable and give you the charm anyway. But even if they didn't you already admitted that you couldn't kill him alone anyway.

I asked for help a couple of weeks ago, and the 2 people who helped were quite nice, and we even did ancients (normal) for one of them afterward.


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Poor form to ask people to leave once you have asked for help. 99.999% of people from this board will let the game owner keep the charm once the clone is dead. Not a great way to get started.



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pfft, joined last summer, this is his second post. My guess is he won't be reading these posts anyhow.

Oh so lame. Glad it's your first D Clone, because that's the last time you should ask for anyone's assistance.


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Poor form indeed. I can vouch for the help I received by the great folks from these boards. I received my first Anni Charm (and only one to date) because of the help given freely by these folks.



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The one I have was given to me for free by McSaladShaker when my Snarko, the one I was going to trade Mcy, was stolen in my xfer game. Thanks again. :)