DClone Question


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broc said:
You got something like 22k.

I think the xp calc is a bit off, I calced with 7 level 85's bessides your 94 din, one of which was not in the party and Hell D(not clone) would have given 94k xp. I thought the XP nerf was higher at those high levels and you would only get like 15k from Hell D. So I guess the calc might be a bit dodgy. Then again, my numbers where not very accurate. :)

On a sidenote, I have your hands. (You must get this all the time)


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goomba said:
interesting. I guess I should have screen capped the actual numeric xp before and after. I guess it is also theoretically possible that I did not get the last hit, as one of those partied members may have gotten a blow in while trying to get their body. *Shrug*
At least they could claim a impressive feat. To have punched D clone to death. ;)


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zaxien said:
Dclone spawns at the first "Super Unique" boss someone comes within so many yards of.
I thought I had read this somewhere, but did not want to make a definitive statement about it. :)

thanks for clearing that up. altho, I'm sure there are still folks around here that still refuse to believe that he spawns at all in classic, like a discussion that took place a few months ago... :rolleyes: