DC Hunter equipment

Lord Chaos

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DC Hunter equipment

Ok, so I am building a DC hunter Zealot (equipmentwise), this is what I have so far, input appreciated:

Head: Nothing useful yet
Body: Guardian Angel (Gives me 90 max in all resistance, my equip plus charms should add up to the 90)
Shield: Herald of the Zakarum (Socketed with UM
Gloves: Draculs (not sure if lifetap works on DC)
Belt: String of Ears (Damage Reduction)
Boots: Nothing useful yet.
Weapon: Nord's Tenderizer (Cold Absord, dunno if I really need that, but its the most damaging 1 handed weapon I have, it also freezes, which I don't know if it works on DC)

Rings: Natures peace (prevents monster heal) and Wisp Projector (Lightning Absorb)
Amulet: The Rising Sun (Fire Absorb)

So, what do you think so far...90 resist Light/Fire + Lightning/Fire absorb + 75% block, is that good enough?


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Here's what my zealot used the first time he soloed Diablo Clone:

Crown of Thieves
The Mahim Oak Curio (Amulet)
4 P-Diamond Shield
3 Topaz Griswold's Armor
Sigons Gloves/Boots
String of Ears
Raven Frost
Rare Ring

Stormlash gets him down to half life fairly quickly because of static field. Also has 33% crushing blow. I probably drank 8 healing potions or so, but really it wasn't that hard.


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life tap will definately work vs dclone. Good you have phm on your ring

helm. i like gaze i mean the leech may not work well vs clone but that dmg reduce is helpful, but if you find you are lacking resists why not get a rockstopper? it has both high resists AND a lil dmg reduce!

boots. I recomend gore riders. that dealy strike/crushing blow/open wounds is a beautiful thing!

Lord Chaos

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What kind of damages does DC do?

And would 90% resist and 20% absorb practically make me immune to that element?


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Lord Chaos said:
What kind of damages does DC do?

And would 90% resist and 20% absorb practically make me immune to that element?
His red lightning thing doesn't really hurt very much. Move the hell out of the way when does that giant inferno thing.

Lord Chaos

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Usufruct said:
His red lightning thing doesn't really hurt very much. Move the hell out of the way when does that giant inferno thing.
Isn't that inferno thing Fire based damage?, wouldn't that be resisted/absorbed?

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My suggestion is that for the slots you have free at the moment, use items with crushing blow on them. For the weapon you may also want to consider the 'crescent moon' runeword for the static field (works great because of the -% enemy lightning resistance on it).

Upgrade the HoZ and use smite initially, to get CB/static to take him down to a sliver of health, then finish him off with zeal.

You won't need lifetap because he will die in less than a minute, which is not enough time for him to do any real damage to you, especially as you have fire absorb.

Lord Chaos

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I do not have crescent moon atm, I'll see if I can make one one day.

I am unsure as to how absorb/resistances really work.


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Lord Chaos,

I'd strongly advise Laying of Hands over Draculs for the massive +% dmg to demons. Forget lifetap, there are much better curses to use on DC (amp damage, decrepify, or lower resist -- have a charged wand on your switch).

Everyone posted excellent suggestions here -- definately consider items that give you crushing blow and deadly strike. Those mods are devastating to DC!

Load up on Poison damage -- at least 300 in charms, more if you have room. Poison does very little to actually harm DC, but it stunts his incredible regen rate.

For absorb, a little to fire and lightning (obtainable with a tgods and dwarfstar) is all you need, and will even slow down his massive inferno damage. It is most beneficial, however, to keep those resists at least 75! So don't add absorb if you can't otherwise keep your resists maxed.

DC's slow but powerful melee attack will cause you more problems than his armageddon, inferno, or LBOD. If you have max and fast block, it will help you out a ton. Good luck!

Lord Chaos

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I am not sure if you read my post.

I said I had 90 Resists, Rising Sun and Wisp Projector.

That gives me 20% lightning absorb, Fire absorb and 90 in those resistances.

My block is 75%, Both Zakarum and Gaurdian Angel gives faster block rate, but not sure if its enough.

My question is more how Resist and Absorb work together, that seems unclear.

Good suggestion on the curses, I'll look for wands :) or have a necro handy.

EDIT: Oh, btw...whats the best thing to socket Crescent moon in for a Zealot that uses onehanded weapons?


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Yes, I read your entire post but I wanted to emphasize resists anyway, just to be certain. Swapping a bunch of gear around could change those values.

Also, if you've glanced at my DClone testing thread, you'll notice what I've been doing all night, and I'm very tired now. You'll have to forgive me. :D

Resists are going to reduce your total damage via elements by a certain % value. Absorb will convert a certain amount of the remaining damage into regenerated hit points for you -- again, based on a % or straight up point value. Blah, someone else can explain this better than I can.

Together, resists and absorb will raise your survivability and reduce the need to drink potions. Be prepared to chug some anyway though. You would have to pile on an obscene amount of absorb to get any real noticable difference, since DC is capable dishing out massive amounts of damage.

oh man I can't even see straight anymore, this time i swear im shutting off the computer and going to bed

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Heh, go to sleep, you deserve it....good job.

Now tomorrow, GET YOUR ARSE TO THE EUROPEAN SERVER and start doing some DCs!!!!

Hehehehe, that should give you some new challenges.


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The other night was in a game with DC and the two of us had weapons with PMH and DC would go down a little and then go right back up to full life again. It obviously didnt work on him. What gives? :scratch:

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Ok this is my set up for a pally zealot I have done DC in 8 player games with no problem
helm: gaze 8/8/19 with a 7%fhr/19-42fd/33def jool
weap:schaffers hammer ah!! static field164%ed/15ias
armor :COH 200% ed to demons 2 all skills 65 resists 8% dr
ammy crafted 2 pally skills blood ammy
rings :bul kathos and raven frost
belt t-gods
boots: wartravelers sweet stats dmg strenght vita
shield: eth exile defiance aura and LIFE TAP this is wut keeps you alive and unharmed
gloves:crafted blood 20 ias 3/3 leech 10% CB resists.
I tried laying of hands and felt there was no difference in dmg maybe a cap on dmg to demons so I went for the crushing blow
helm :eth gaze 8/8/18 with a 38%ed/6-14 cd jool
armor:2884 def eth stone
weap: eth cryptic axe DOOM 217-996 prevents monster to heal

Hope this helps


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My Paladin:
Level 82
1. Level 20 Vengeance (8 in resist fire, cold, lightning each as synergies)
2. Level 20 Conviction

1. Helm: Crown of Ages (with 2 Um)
2. Guardian Angel (Um)
3. HOZ (Um)
4. Raven frost
5. rare dual leech ring
6. Vampirefang belt
7. Highlord's Wrath amulet
8. Schafer legendary mallet
9. Gore Riders

I now have 94/94/94/90 resists. This this will do the trick?
If conviction has no penalty vs dc I hope I can take him down in abt 4 min. I design this character to finish dc quick.