Datamined Reaper of Souls WD Skill Changes: Massive List


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And the worst thing is that we don't even know for sure. But you know what happens when someone is wrong on the internet... :)


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Ok, so I've been playing a WD since launch and I have a lot of feedback for these early changes.

What I Like:
  • The new skill we got. New skills are good! This can cover more than the entire screen when runed - almost double that of Acid Rain. Very, very nice when combined with Locust Swarm. I'm excited to use this while farming weaker mobs. I'm thinking the cooldown is going to be uncomfortably high.

  • Primary Skills no longer have mana costs. We can now make pure Attack-Speed-based WDs without worrying about burning through our mana pools! Rejoice! Also - this means Plague of Toads - Toad Affinity is getting a rework, since Toad Affinity would be useless (I mean, more useless than it is presently). Any guesses as to what it'll do?

  • Phlebotomize now charms enemies! Whoo! Due to diminishing returns on Crowd Control effects, this won't be as OP as it sounds. Also, the skill only hits 1 target at a time, so I think whatever WD is using this is either going to need some crazy attack speed, or some kind of legendary that causes Spirit Barrage to behave as an AoE to really make this effective as a left-mouse skill.

  • Vampire Bats is now free to cast. This, along with the changes to the Primary Skills, may help "Attack Speed based WD" become a thing. Maybe we'll see some fast-casting WD's being rolled with this skill as their left-mouse attack.

  • Creeping Death. Haunt and Locust Swarm can last almost forever. I've tried Haunt. Re-applying the DoT was a nightmare. It's generally a pain in the *** to continually re-apply Haunt to targets, so this is going to be useful for those evasive, kiting builds with low hp/defense and high dps. Also - the "Arcane" damage type applies some type of effect now, right? This Arcane damage may help to make Haunt more viable as well. So, I guess what I'm saying is Haunt sucks right now, but they're showing a little bit of support for it with this and I'm excited to see where that leads.

  • Pile On no longer knocks back enemies. This was one of the main complaints of the skill and it has now been mitigated. The other complaint was that the mana cost was a bit high, but I don't see that changing. We're going to see an increase of WD's using zero cooldown Wall of Zombies - Pile On build. I'm certain that the skill is now at a level where it's a lot more viable and can even be efficient for farming.

  • Swallow Your Soul now buffs your mana pool by 5%. This might actually become relevant. I think I might take this over Vengeful Spirit if it means I can spam more.

A longshot - Mass Confusion says it has a 50% chance to spawn a Zombie Dog while an enemy is confused. So.. uh... what if I confuse an enemy with a different skill, or with an affix on an item? It should be able to spawn a Zombie Dog as long as I have Mass Confusion on my skill bar. It won't work this way. I know it won't -but it'd be cool if it did because it'd make Addling Toads marginally more useful. Toads need more love. Toads are getting more love. I can feel it. I can feel it so hard.

What I Dislike:

  • I didn't see many changes that I'd consider negative. This is probably because the WD is awesome. We already have a bunch of nice builds and we're pretty balanced as a class. We do well in PvP and we can farm on lots of different MP levels.

  • No changes to Fetishes. Fetishes are pretty ineffective. I know. I've tried. I've tried several times. Maybe I did it wrong. Think about this, though - should it really bethat difficult to make a decent Fetish build? Blizz should work on making Fetishes easier to build around. I'm pretty sure they are, but man, I hope they don't screw it up.

  • No mention of Toad of Hugeness anywhere. No mention of any changes of Plague of Toads. I'm expecting some interesting stuff here and I'll be super pissed if we don't get some awesome toad action.

  • Haunt - Lingering Spirit still exists. Make it stop.

  • I have no problems with Horrify, except that it's useless. The Fear effect needs a needs a major re-work. People usually don't like making mobs run away. It's counter-intuitive. The two major used runes are one that increases armor and one that increases run/walk speed. Nobody uses Horrify for its Fear effect.

  • All the other runes of Zombie Charger are unchanged. Bleh.

  • Wrathful Protector is still mostly useless. Maybe I'll eat my words after the patch.

  • A lot of the Primary skills are just ignored completely as our gear gets better. It's a shame because they're very fun to use while leveling. I'd have liked to see some changes to any of them.


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Physical Attunement

  • You gain 60 Physical Resistance for every enemy within 8 yards. The range of this effect is increased by your gold pickup radius.

Is it just me or doesn't this skill seem like a win win skill ?? If using some good pickup radius this skill reads like it might be a NO Brainer for me... Im using a Bears build that has to get close to kill things and playing HC so maybe not so much on SC mode.