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Datamined Demon Hunter Passive Skills

Discussion in 'Diablo 3 Beta Forum' started by HardRock, Sep 6, 2011.

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    Datamined Demon Hunter Passive Skills

    These are all the Demon Hunter skills I could find here that were clearly labeled as passives, meaning that they are most likely up-to-date versions. Enjoy!


    Description: Gain bonuses based on weapon held: Bow: {c_green}+[{Script Formula 0}*100]%{/c_green} increased damage Bonus with crossbows: {c_green}+[{Script Formula 1}*100]%{/c_green} Critical Damage Bonus with hand xbows: {c_green}+[{Script Formula 2}*100]%{/c_green} chance to critical hit


    Flavor text: "How should I know who first invented these devices? Just make sure the correct end is pointed at the enemy and they'll do the rest." -Greyscarr, Veteran Demon Hunter

    Description: Damage from rockets increased by {c_green}[{Script Formula 0}*100]%{/c_green}. Rockets are fired from certain socketed skill effects.


    Description: As long as you have not taken damage in the last {c_green}{Script Formula 1}{/c_green} seconds you gain {c_green}[{Script Formula 0}*100]%{/c_green} of your maximum health per second.

    Cull The Weak

    Flavor text: "I'll show you the same mercy you showed my helpless family." -Tyla Shrikewing

    Description: Damage against slowed enemies increased by {c_green}[{Script Formula 0}*100%]%{/c_green}.

    Custom Engineering

    Description: The duration of your Caltrops, Marked for Death, Spike Trap and Sentry abilities are increased by {c_green}[{Script Formula 0}*100]%{/c_green}.


    Flavor text: "Of course you'll be able to hit your prey more squarely when you pull the string back properly, but it's the sound of the impact I like best. Music to my ears." -Greyscarr, Veteran Demon Hunter

    Description: Increases the damage of your basic attacks by {c_green}[{Script Formula 0} * 100]%{/c_green}. Your basic attacks restore {c_green}{Script Formula 1}{/c_green} Hatred.


    Description: Reduces the Hatred cost of your Grenade and Cluster Arrow abilities by {c_green}{Script Formula 0}{/c_green}. Upon death you drop a giant grenade that explodes for {c_green}{Script Formula 1}-[{Script Formula 1}+{Script Formula 2}]{/c_green} damage.

    Hot Pursuit

    Flavor text: "Don't make me chase you back to hell, vermin. I know a faster way to send you there." -Tyle Shrikewing

    Description: Whenever you are at full Hatred, movement speed is increased by {c_green}[{Script Formula 0} * 100]%{/c_green}.


    Flavor text: Never forget where you came from.

    Description: Reduces the Discipline cost of all skills by {c_green}[{Script Formula 0} * 100]%{/c_green}. Discipline is used to fuel many of the Demon Hunter's tactical or defensive skills.


    Flavor text: "Every creature has a vulnerability. Find it, and put an arrow in it." -Greyscarr, Veteran Demon Hunter

    Description: Gain a {c_green}[{Script Formula 0}*100]%{/c_green} chance to critical hit every second. This bonus is reset when you successfully critical hit.

    Steady Aim

    Description: As long as there are no enemies within {c_green}{Script Formula 1}{/c_green} yards, all damage is increased by {c_green}[{Script Formula 0}*100]%{/c_green}.


    Flavor text: "If it bleeds you can kill it. Kill this one slowly." -Greyscarr, Veteran Demon Hunter

    Description: Gain {c_green}{script formula 0}{/c_green} Hatred and {c_green}{script formula 1}{/c_green} Discipline whenever you are healed by a health globe.

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