Darn runes


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Darn runes

So my Lo just disappeared... great!!!!

My first high rune and its gone, i was about to make a Fort, I had the rune for about a week and now its gone!

How could Blizzard be so lame doing that? I traded it for an Ist I had though, so I can "guess" it was a Lo dupe rune. Anyway, if Blizzard can allow dupe runes in its game, why the users who didn't cheat have to pay?

I'm so disapointed about Blizzard that I'm losing all my will to keep playing, and I was about to buy more licenses to build some wealth.... nah, now I'm so disapointed.

Lord Nyax

Ah, that sucks man. I remember the first time I had HR's poof. I sold some Fire GC's for HR's...luckily only 2 out of 4 poofed, so it wasn't as big a loss as yours. Nonetheless, you just gotta learn to assume that everything is going to poof. Get rid of them as fast as you can, or keep them on a separate account. I've had a lot of success just not using the account with HR's unless absolutely necessary.


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i started playing on europe because the economy is still good there
on uswest 3pul can get any high rune (guaranteed to be dups)
on europe higher runes have way more value

puls are cheaper there too

3ist can get a Lo

its a little out dated but still pretty close