Dangerous toys

Dangerous toys

One of the many "dangerous toys" lists was released today. Most of the toys listed were labeled as choking hazards.

My son has been playing with Magnetix for not quite a year now. These are one of the dangerous toys listed. Supposedly the magnets can come out and be eaten. The magnets then stick together in the intestines and kill you. True, you can die from that.

But what I want to know is what kind of terrible parent is keeping their kids so hungry they're eating their toys?

Don't taunt the Happy Fun Ball


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Over here there's a list out with toys that are too noisy and can deafen the child or permanently damage its hearing.
Easy, rip one of the balls off and swallow it. I can see a toddler try to pick it up by one of the balls, have the thing break, and stuff it into its mouth.


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i could see the large one being dangerous, but only to people over 3ft tall
The largest Newton's Cradle in the world was designed by Chris Boden and is owned by The Geek Group in Kalamazoo Michigan. It is on public display and is used for science and technology demonstrations. It consists of a set of 20 matched bowling balls each with a weight of 15lbs(6.8kg). These are suspended from cables from metal trusses in the ceiling. The cables have a length of 20 feet(6.1m) and the ballls hang 3 feet(1m) off the floor.
Damned right it would be. Experiment on slugs and snails and bugs. Then get the bright idea to test it on yourself. Afterwards when the healing is done and the butt whuppings are over, you have a great scar and story to tell your buddies.

Lord Nyax

Maybe some Cesium for kicks. :grin:

Man, how awesome would it be to point at the scar on your wrist or something and say: "Yah, when I was a kid I used to play with the strongest acid in existence. It was awesome."



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I had one of those great AC Gilbert chemistry kits from the fifties. You could melt asphalt with some of that stuff.


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I am sure that just about anything can we lethal these days.

However, Magnetix are great. I love those things!


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Hee hee hee, I used a piece of an erector set to fix a panel on a roll-up garage door once. They are called mending plates at the hardware store. :wink3: