Damage to Demons/Undead


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Damage to Demons/Undead

Does this apply to casters, or just melee? For example, if I use a Heart of the Oak on my sorc, will my lightning do +75% damage to demons?

I know I should know this...but I don't! :eek:


Along the same line...

Druid tornado is physical rather than magical damage - will this be upped by the Heart of Wolverine?


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Regarding the increased damage, if I had a necromancer who had poison dagger and the increase to demons/undead mod, does the poison damage get increased or just the physical from the dagger?


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It's only applied to physical damage from melee or missile weapons. Elemental and magical damage, physical damage from something else than weapons as well as poison or special physical damage from weapons like open wounds and crushing blow damage aren't affected. Doubled damage from e.g. critical strikes is applied to the damage including the bonus.