Damage over life?


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Damage over life?

Hi i'm making a fury druid with tomb reaver, fort and jalal and my merc will have bramble, dream and pride i also will be summoning alot.

Question is that i don't see alot of defence in my builds, man i don't even think my merc has ll, is this a good way to go or should i sacrifice somethings for defence?

Eilo Rytyj

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Druids generally have poor defense anyways. While it's good to use the best items you can, Fury druids have no defense-boosting skills, aside from maybe a Defiance merc, or using an upped Ribcracker...

Toss that Dream helm, use Andy's Visage (best merc helm IMO), Tal's mask, Crown of Thieves, Vamp. Gaze, or anything else that gives LL.

I don't see why people use Dream on mercs, unless it's only for the Confuse curse (The lightning damage is pathetic btw). The other mods are OK, but overall it's a pretty average hat.

If you're adamant about using that Dream, perhaps you might want to swap the Pride for an EBotD War Pike, it has leech on it. Your own damage will drop, but your merc will be more powerful, and he'll stay alive longer.

Otherwise, you could use your listed setup, and throw in Dracul's grasp for the Life Tap to keep your merc healthy.


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FOr the dream helm. I agree with Eilo about using it. But if you really want to I disagree on weapon choice. It only shines much if he's using an infinity. But I'd swap out the dream for a vamp gaze if I were you. Get some LL DR and cham it for no freezing.


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For leach you can always just pick up some draculs. But even if your merc did have leach from a helm, like yossarian said, the weapon is a lil bit of a trouble maker here. Pride doesnt have good base damage, so even if you had might/concentrate/HoW auras all on your merc at once, his damage wont be as impressive as it could be, so the leach from life tap might not really save him.

Consider a diferent weapon.