damage for zealot?


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damage for zealot?

is there a certain number to hit for max damage to be considered viable?
right now i'm pushing 6k max per zeal without might/conc from merc
conc should bring that up to 7.5k and adding might 8.4k
lvl 63
im debating to either go -> freeze + kelpie snare for that extra snail like goodness or might/conc for the high damage
im still in nightmare, damm im knights cause me to 1hko myself

which do you think is better?
i have all the gear to go conc/might, just have to decide before my merc gets to lvl 80 and i feel attached to him ^ ^


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kelpie snare <- whats that?

anyway I would go for holy freeze+conc, for dmg and slow..



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kelpie snare is the unique fuscina
crap damage, but slows target by 75%
i used to use that in 09 for act bosses, but i was thinking, since cb smite finishes them off so quickly, why bother

ya, that sounds good
but i don't want to be underpowered wrt other zealots, so im wondering what a good baseline dmg will be

Eilo Rytyj

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I ran around with a Might+eth Obedience Thresher merc for a while. It was great, the merc could take down bosses almost as fast as me, and he could hold his own in combat. It's cheap too, Obedience only needs mid runes, and you've got a merc that can easily do 8k max damage. That's the damage mine was dealing with just Fanaticism and Might. You'd do better if it was an eth Cryptic Axe too, since Fanaticism makes up for the slow weapon and lack of IAS on it.

If you wanted dmg+freeze, go with Might+eth Doom CA, that way your merc will be a damage-dealing monster just like you. Pride has no on-weapon ed%, and is slow too. Pride is a very weak merc weapon on it's own.


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im not really into a killer merc
it's the conc that i've got a hardon for
right now, i'm hitting 8.3k max per zeal 5fpa still using a freeze merc
i've seen people with 12k max per zeal
is that like freaking godly?

Demonic Angel Rules

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To do lots of damage and be able to destroy in hell/Dclone/Ubers use Grief Runeword in Phaseblade. Dont let the lying screen fool you, it might say something like 1k-2k damage but you will be doing 6k+. With Fort you could be looking at something like 12k. I dont use fort cause the added damage doent help as much as you think. I use Grief with gear like smoke, vamp gaze, and Exile. This makes me inviceple to all exept maybe like 10 souls packed together. And Maxed speed is easy to obtain with a maxed fant.I use that and Grief with some gloves that give 20% and im maxed. Try it out and see if you like it.


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really? im using an eth ettin axe
it takes more than 85 ias to hit 4fpa, 60 if using berzerker
basically i gave up
i stupidly killed the ancients with smite without switching to grief =.=

i have maxed 80/80/80/75 res and i still died to the black soul mobs lol

im not a smiter btw
so actually my smite dmg pretty much blows :)


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never ever trust the character screen. when i had my grief on, it showed that i was actually smiting with about the same damage as when i was zealing, which definately was not the case. grief hits like no other. in a phase blade and fanatacism, you should hit the last breakpoint no problem.