D3X Level 70? New WD Skills?


Since the max level is going up to 70 in RoS and all the existing classes are getting new skills and passives, I thought it would be a great time to brainstorm some potentials.

Active skills the sky is the limit, and we can dream up pretty much anything... that said, I think that ideally the new skills would enable new things; new build style, new play approach, etc. Not just better or modified versions of current abilities. I'd like to see some more viable WD options than Firebats or Bears, both of which attempt to grant huge DPS with the penalty of requiring very close range with enemies. However that's not really a penalty for the WD since you want to be close to leverage your Grim/Gruesome properties. So maybe some kind of WD offensive that works better from a distance, or that's a really big damage single target attack, to contrast with all the AoE stuff now?

New passives could enable new builds or styles or plug gaps in the WDs current abilities. The main complaints seem to be lack of a high movement speed option, and the lack of any real zookeeper build. How about a passive that boosts duration of all summoned, maybe working something like Archon and adding time with each kill? It would be fun to have a huge horde of fetish that keeps growing each time you kill, but forces you to really work fast to keep them going?

I'd also love to see something that uses enemies, or their corpses, for fuel. Necromancer style I guess, but something like a much more interesting Circle of Life would be fun.

Equivalent threads exist for all classes, if you want to join other speculations. Click the names to visit them:
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I'm thinking there'll be a passive that has something to do with gem slot diversification - much like what we saw for the Crusader.

I really wouldn't mind having Soul Harvest and Mass Confusion as a ranged spell.

We definitely need more Terror skills and Voodoo skills, as there is only 3 for each.

Terror skill:

A ranged area of effect spell. Pulls the souls out of the monsters and causes the souls to attack their owner and other nearby enemies for 6 seconds. High mana cost. No cool down.

Rune ideas:
*Souls last for 15 seconds instead of 5 seconds, but it has a 1 minute cool down.
*Sets the souls on fire causing them to do increased damage as fire.
*Increases the area of effect from x yards to y.
*Each damage done by the souls generates 5 mana.
*Each damage done by the souls heals for 1% of hp.

Voodoo skill:

2 min cool down. Channelled. Starts a ritual that lasts for 20 seconds. Continually summons 1 Zombie Dog per second throughout the duration of the ritual. Zombie Dogs die when the ritual is finished.

Rune ideas:
*Lasts for 30 seconds instead of 20, but summons a Gargantuan every 5 seconds instead Zombie Dogs.
*No longer channels, but summons Fetishes instead.
*You can now use Detonate on these summoned Zombie Dogs, even while channelling.
*Summon spirits instead of Zombie Dogs, and the spirits heal you for x% of damage done.
*Monsters killed by the Zombie Dogs will resurrected as a Zombie Dog.


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Active Skill: Voodoo Dolls

XX Cooldown
The witch doctor throws out immobile voodoo dolls mimicking each monster in the targeted area. Status effects and XX% of damage taken is shared with their twin, including "friendly fire". Lasts XX seconds or until twin is destroyed.

Rune 1: Dolls taunt.
Rune 2: Increase duration.
Rune 3: Decrease cooldown.
Rune 4: Increase % of shared damage.
Rune 5: Confusion status effect over area when destroyed.
Rune 6: XX% chance for doll to shapeshift and mimic a new target when destroyed.
Rune 7: XX% of transferred damage returned as health.
Rune 8: XX% of transferred damage returned as mana.

Active Skill: Twin Souls

XX Cooldown
The witch doctor summons a ghost for each currently active minion. Ghost attacks impart threat but not damage. If a minion is destroyed while its ghost is active, the ghost will become corporeal. Lasts XX seconds.

Rune 1: Each enemy death increase duration by X seconds.
Rune 2: Each enemy death decreases cooldown by X seconds.
Rune 3: XX% chance of chill/slow status effect on attack.
Rune 4: When a ghost is destroyed, players and minions within range enter Spirit Walk: Umbral Shock.
Rune 5: Twin souls will also be created for confused enemies.
Rune 6: Increase Haunt damage by XX% for each active ghost.
Rune 7: XX% chance ghosts will draw in nearby ranged attacks.
Rune 8: Ghosts within range increase mana regeneration by XX.

Passive: Rites of the Master

XX% chance per minion of the witch doctor receiving that minion's remaining life upon taking fatal damage. Sacrifices the minion.

Passive: Bite the Hand

Whenever the witch doctor takes damage, all minions receive a bonus to damage, attack speed, and movement speed equal to the percent of life lost. Maximum bonus stack is XXX% and is reduced by X% per second.
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Passive: Bad JuJu
Doubles Int bonus on Witch Doctor specific items but at the cost of Vitality (100 Int becomes 200 but Vitality decreases by 100)
Works for masks, ceremonial knives and mojos
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Hi all,

I have been playing the Witch Doctor since beta and never really looked back. I took the past 2 months off after April as my WD was almost max geared, and recently came back for the expansion. I have 1000 hours clocked up and I've listened to majority of your pod casts and I guess the general consensus is "Why max out a WD when you can max out a barb or monk?" Well I recently jumped into MP10 and dropped Azmodan in 24 seconds and Ghom 22 seconds with my WD not even fully buffed as there is not much gain from life globes on a boss. This is roughly 5.7mil damage per second which just goes to show the Witch doctor is underestimated. Having said this, whilst its the largest build diverse class in the game I will say it "used" to be the largest build diverse class now that mob density has hit.

Single Target skills:

Currently single target skills are broken, they are just not viable anymore even vs elites / champions. I used to enjoy the days when I had AOE for trash and single target for elites, but now with the swarms of monsters its just not viable. It is more effective and efficient to use AOE and kill trash and the champs at the same time. If the new direction is for less loot but better, then i would like to see less monsters also or at least the option. Mob density forces me to have a play style. For example I love spirit barrage but hitting 4 monsters when you have 50 charging you is just not going to work. this also goes for frogs I love this skill and its skills like this that separate the Witch Doctor from the Necromancer but as much as i want to spam exploding frogs again 3 frogs vs 50 monsters is just not ever going to work when i can just use Firebats or Zombie Bears. Keep mob density for loot runs or "modes of play". Having said this I do love mob density and skills like Locust swarm are amazing and super fun to use with mob density but my biggest issue is now the screen shakes for my entire playtime of D3 and that really isn't healthy for my eyes. I get head aches from the constant shakes and shouldn't have to downgrade my video settings to crappy animation quality or lighting / immersion. I recently leveled a new WD and the runes and skills are very fun and usable 1-60 but once you hit 60 its aoe and screen shakes which forces me to turn off your game after an hour, please address this.

Keep density but adjust the shakes please

make single target skills get a splash effect so they become an small aoe skill:


Flame dart - explosion on impact dealing x damage to targets in a 5 yard radius or ignite target, further igniting monsters that get close to this target kind of like the way locust swarm spreads but a fire spreads from target to target. This would be super fun to launch a flame dart into a huge pack and watch them all burst into flames.

Poison Dart - poison cloud spreads from mob to mob

Frogs - allow frogs to have a chain wave effect instead of stopping at the target they hit create a ricochet effect that maybe turns monsters into frogs and as they hit in a chain reaction kind of way. this would be an amazing CC ability if each frog came into contact with a monster and turnded that monster into another frog and so on and so fourth. Then 3 frogs vs 50 monsters would become more viable as the 3 would quickly become 27 frogs or so.

Damage Over Time:

I know that blizzard are looking into this and I love dot damage types. I actually beat Diablo on inferno back in the vanilla days with 43k damage thanks to skills like haunt, locust swarm. The way the damage scales is just not high enough. leveling a Witch Doctor 1-60 I love using haunt MP 10 it fails...

Blizzard are working on thorns damage my suggestion for haunt is make it into a chance on hit for monsters. Cast Haunt for 60 seconds and any mob that hits the WD has a chance to receive 1 haunt dealing "X" over time thus having possibly 50 haunts up or scaling off thorns damage which would be new and fresh with mob density. Its just to slow and hard to spam haunt keep the runes the same just change the haunt to be an aura based skill rather than a spam skill.

Locust Swarm - At 700k buffed dps the locust swarm does a pissy 100k per tick... on MP10 this is just a joke...


Everyone wants the Witch doctor to have the ability like the Necromancer did to summon multiple pets let me summon 10 dogs and 3 gargs let me get the fetish out more often. Make the Witch doctor feel like he has his own horde of minions to battle creatures of d3.

Increase the pets damage they just don't hit hard enough on increasing MP levels.

Allow pets to benefit from gruesome feasts damage increase.

these are some of my thoughts on the WD for now. What I will say is please blizzard do not just introduce new skills and neglect the others. I would rather the previous skills be fixed and a small amount of new skills then just ignoring them and jumping to the new skills, passives.

Mana regeneration off skills and runes is to low fix this. Maybe Chance on crit hit to sap the monster's soul returning mana back to the WD. THis can be on an item like a neck piece or ring.

Also I would love to see full set bonuses on items again. Currently 4/5 set items and you get a bonus I would like to see Blizzard add to this if you wear the full set bonus is a skill changing build maker. Just like D2 had for having the full set equipped.

Below is Screen shot of how crazy the screen gets now:


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There is a skill from God of War called Army of Hades - it summons souls out of the ground which circle the hero & attack & pierce through nearby enemies - that would fit on the witch doctor, too....


Also I would love to see full set bonuses on items again. Currently 4/5 set items and you get a bonus I would like to see Blizzard add to this if you wear the full set bonus is a skill changing build maker. Just like D2 had for having the full set equipped.

Below is Screen shot of how crazy the screen gets now:
Turn off some of the displays; at least turn off normal damage numbers; keep on crits if you want, but that greatly cuts the screen clutter.

I'd like full set bonuses also, but most of the 5+ item sets aren't viable now since they have a crap weapon in them. Inna's and Nat's and IK leap to mind. If/when the loot 2.0 buffs all legendaries, that might be an option.


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Hi all!

I really would like to see level 70 witch doctors with fearsome tattoos on their bodies. I have not thought about mechanic but the crowd control abilities of witch doctor can be further improved. I would enjoy to run into big pack of mobs with a chance from passive tattoo effect to paralyze, enervate, bleed, etc. the enemies around my WD.

An other solution for the tattoo skills is bringig back a part from the old good druid. Every rune of the tattoo symbolizing a jungle animal making the WD possible to shapeshift with different effects.

What do you think? Can it be viable? Is it fit to the WD?

Thanks for reading my post.