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D3X Level 70? New Barb Skills?

Discussion in 'Barbarian' started by Flux, Aug 29, 2013.

  1. Flux

    Flux Administrator

    Jun 22, 2003
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    Since the max level is going up to 70 in RoS and all the existing classes are getting new skills and passives, I thought it would be a great time to brainstorm some potentials.

    Active skills the sky is the limit, and we can dream up pretty much anything... that said, I think that ideally the new skills would enable new things; new build style, new play approach, etc. Not just better or modified verisons of current abilities.

    New passives could enable new builds or styles or plug gaps in the Barb's current abilities. Maybe you've always really wanted to do a throw barb; what new skill or passives to enable it would enable that?

    Admittedly I haven't played a barb lately, so nothing is leaping to mind. But hoping to hear some interesting suggestions from you guys.

    Note: Equivalent threads exist for all classes, if you want to join other speculations. Click the names to visit them:
    Design new level 70 Barbarian, Monk, Demon Hunter, Wizard, and Witch Doctor skills.
  2. tougeznut

    tougeznut Diabloii.Net Member

    Oct 11, 2012
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    How about a rune on frenzy that has AoE damage? Something similar to the monk's thunderclap? Like a 45% damage as physical on crit over 5 yards. Nothing huge, but it could breath new life into frenzy barbs again. Or basically a rupture rune for frenzy! That would be amazing!

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  3. UnicronV

    UnicronV Diabloii.Net Member

    Aug 30, 2013
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    New Rune:
    *Most everyone uses Whirlwind - Hurricane because it helps you clear content faster and generate more sprint tornadoes, why not give it some competition?
    Whirlwind Rune - En Masse
    Increases the generation of Run Like The Wind Tornadoes by 20%, Increases the range of Whirlwind and Tornadoes by 5yd

    New Skill:
    Requires 1h weapon(s)
    Each attack strikes the enemy for 175% weapon damage (physical), 15% chance to cause the enemy to be stunned for 1.5sec until they explode covering enemies in "blood of the fallen", causing 1000% weapon damage (fire) to all enemies within 17yd and reducing their defenses by 30%

    Rune 1:
    Armor Corruption - Enemies covered in "blood of the fallen" further reduce armor by 20% (total 50%)

    Rune 2:
    Healthy Dose - Enemies covered in blood take 50% weapon damage (magic) over 5 seconds and grant this to the barbarian.

    Rune 3:
    Contamination - Enemies covered in blood spread the blood to others within an additional 20yds for 3 seconds, (secondarily affected enemies cannot spread the contamination)

    Rune 4:
    Quarantine - Range of blood reduced to 8yd, base weapon damage becomes a cone area of effect in front of the barbarian, and the explosion deals 1500% weapon damage (magic) in that area. (Still only a 15% chance of the effect proccing)

    Weapon Gem Effect! (I think the gems you have in your weapon should effect the runes, this would foster greater build diversity, Topaz gems on a barb? I THINK SO!)

    Amethyst - All damage grants an additional X% lifesteal (based on the gem size)

    Emerald - Each enemy affected by blood of the fallen gives the barbarian X% movement speed (based on the gem size)

    Ruby - Enemies covered in blood also apply x% extra magic find (based on the gem size)

    Topaz - Enemies covered in blood take extra damage from physical attacks (based on gem size)

    NEW Diamond - Each enemy affected by blood of the fallen provides the barbarian with an additional x% armor (based on gem size)

    I have a lot more ideas, but I'm tired :) I'll post them tomorrow night. Thank you for reading

  4. TheMythe

    TheMythe Diablo: IncGamers Member

    Jul 28, 2010
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    Why not redo the 'Weapon throw' skill to make it a viable skill choice:

    Weapon Throw:
    Cost: 6 Fury
    Hurl a throwing weapon at an enemy for 170% weapon damage and Slow the movement of the enemy by 80% for 2 seconds.

    #1 Take that!:
    Instead of 170% damage the enemy takes 223% damage and has a 20% chance of being knocked back.

    #2 Bombs away:
    The thrown weapon becomes an AoE projectile dealing 180% damage as fire to all enemies within 10 yards.

    #3 Maim:
    Targeted enemy bleeds for 2 seconds doing 190% damage per second. This effect can stack up to 4 times.

    #4 Sowing havoc:
    Fury cost reduced to 1 with a 20% gain in increased attack speed for 150% of damage.

    #5 Incoming:
    Thrown weapon leaves a trail of twisters hurling in random directions lasting 5 seconds. Each hurricane deals 75% weapon damage as electricity.
  5. TheMythe

    TheMythe Diablo: IncGamers Member

    Jul 28, 2010
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    It is a great idea imho, it adds to the build diversity:
    we now have 6 runes (1 = no-rune) and 4 gem-types in our weapon.
    Why not link it together?
    Each rune has a different effect depending on the gem that is in a weapon.
    Instead of 10 (6+4) choices we'll have 30 (6*5) choices to choose from.

    YaY diversity !
  6. JEB90

    JEB90 Diabloii.Net Member

    Aug 9, 2003
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    Better yet, I'd love to see a basic throwing skill as a fury generator. That way throw barbs could--you know--just throw.
  7. TheMythe

    TheMythe Diablo: IncGamers Member

    Jul 28, 2010
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    That'd make it way too overpowered with these kinds of runes. You'd get a free ranged attack without any end.
    You'll keep entire hordes at bay if you have enough IAS and do decent DPS. No, no attack should be a worldending skill !

    Next to that, there are items that have a reduced Weapon Throw cost, these items are as of now worthless, but they'll give a nice profit if this skill is changed in this way. You could even make it so that:
    IF Fury cost < 0
    THEN add remaining X Fury

    Last edited: Sep 2, 2013
  8. Aikido

    Aikido Diabloii.Net Member

    Sep 2, 2013
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    The inability to use the correct "then" and not "than" in your pseudocode throws your logic into dire question. Your credibility there just plummeted and your point rendered invalid. By the way, unless you failed to notice, item stats can be changed to fit class balance when required. ;)
  9. Palandus

    Palandus Diabloii.Net Member

    Apr 28, 2013
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    Hmm Barbarian skill changes...

    Being that this is a numbers game and all about efficiency you would need to heavily buff up skills in order to compete with WW/RLTW Skill Build. Being that WW/RLTW is so efficient for killing tons of enemies enmasse in a short period of time and provides the Barbarian with a high survivability in combat, makes it one of the best builds available. So... in order to beat this build, other skills would either have to:

    1) Give higher survivability without sacrificing damage and speed
    2) Give higher damage without sacrificing survivability and speed

    The biggest problem is that Barbarians although powerful don't stand a chance if they stay in one spot for too long, hence why WW/RLTW is so popular. If Blizzard wants Barbarians to stand and fight longer rather than WW all over the place they have to provide greater bonuses to those skills to encourage it. Heres my take on current skills / runes:

    NOTE: The damage dealt on "most" skills is FINE. The additional utility / cooldown / area of effect is not FINE, which is what must be changed in order to make people want to invest into other builds. Also, I'm a fair bit opinioniated on the Barbarian class and would love to see him get some love.

    1) Frenzy = Each IAS stack lasts for 15 seconds (instead of 5 seconds)
    -> Sidearm = The thrown axe also slows the movement of the target for 50% for 3 seconds
    -> Triumph = Each kill with frenzy heals you of 2% of your maximum life.
    -> Vanguard = Each frenzy stack adds +2% armor and +3% movement speed (+10% Armor / +15% Movement speed at 5 stacks)
    -> Smite = 50% chance to stun an opponent for 1.5 seconds
    -> Maniac = Each additional stack adds +5% Weapon Damage (+25% at 5 stacks)

    NOTE: Why Frenzy and not Bash or Cleave? Because Frenzy can be a build changer with the IAS stacks IF and ONLY IF you could keep the Frenzy stacks for longer than 5 seconds, otherwise its a lackluster ability. Bash is usually only used to generate Rage, and Cleave works great for removing large groups as a last resort ability. Frenzy is kind of not that great for removing large groups OR for generating Rage "quickly". WW/RLTW works best if you don't stand around for any period of time.

    2) Seismic Slam = Cause 300% Weapon Damage, and the wave travels 45 yds, knockbacking any it hits. 25 Fury Cost.
    -> Stagger = Any enemies hit also suffer 50% movement penalty for 3 seconds
    -> Shattered Ground = Cause 450% Weapon Damage and stun anyone hit by the wave for 1 second
    -> Rumble = Ground continues to shake after the wave dealing 50% Weapon Damage per second for 3 seconds in the area.
    -> Strength of Earth = Reduces Fury Cost to 10.
    -> Cracking Rift = A narrower wave is released dealing 550% Weapon Damage to any caught in it that travels up to 30 yds.

    NOTE: Why Seismic Slam and not the others? Because the others have gotten upgrades to them and this one has been left alone. No Barbarian uses it as it doesn't deal enough damage or provide enough utility for the extremely high fury cost. The damage would be fine, if it only costed 15 Fury... but not it costs 30 fury.

    3) Whirlwind = Move at normal speed while whirlwinding.
    -> Dust Devils = Create three tornadoes that each deals 33% Weapon Damage per Second for 3 seconds
    -> Hurricane = Increase your dodge chance while whirlwinding by +10% dodge chance and change your weapon damage to lightning dealing 155% Weapon Damage
    -> Blood Funnel = Every enemy hit heals 0.5% Maximum Life (lots of enemies = lots of health)
    -> Wind Shear = Every enemy hit adds 1 Fury and change your attack damage to cold dealing 175% Weapon Damage
    -> Volcanic Eruption = Change your attack damage to Fire dealing 210% Weapon Damage

    NOTE: By removing the dependency on Hurricane to move at your normal movement speed, it will open up different rune combinations for different people.

    4) Sprint = Remove Fury Cost. Add 5 Second Cooldown. Increase movement speed by 50% for 5 seconds
    -> Rush = Increase dodge chance while running by +15% Dodge Chance
    -> Run Like the Wind = Tornadoes deal 75% Weapon Damage
    -> Marathon = Increase movement speed by 75% for 5 seconds
    -> Forced March = Everyone gets a 50% movement speed increase for 5 seconds

    NOTE: By adding a cooldown, it prevents players from just spamming the sprint button for the RLTW build. However, to make up for it the tornadoes deal more overall damage.

    5) Ignore Pain = Reduces all damage taken by 50% for 10 seconds; 30 second cooldown
    -> Bravado = Become immune to fear, charm, taunt or confusion effects for the duration of Ignore Pain
    -> Iron Hide = Reduces all damage taken by 40% for 20 seconds
    -> Ignorance is Bliss = Reduces all damage taken by 75% for 5 seconds
    -> Mob Rule = Reduces damage taken by 50% for all allies for 10 seconds
    -> Contempt for Weakness = Become immune to crowd control effects, like frozen for the duration of Ignore Pain

    NOTE: Great defensive ability but extremely limited in usage, unless playing Hardcore, where it can be a necessity. Making the ability last longer but reduce less damage per second, makes it great for standing and fighting tough enemies or for a quick getaway.

    6) Ancient Spear = 5 Fury Cost (instead of 10 Fury Generation) and Remove the Cooldown dealing 200% Weapon Damage and pulling back any target hit.
    -> Skirmish = Increase chance to dodge after using the skill by 10% for 3 seconds
    -> Rage Flip = Increase damage to 225% WepDam and cause enemies flipped to turn on their former allies for 3 seconds in a blind rage.

    NOTE: Ancient Spear is in concept a great idea, but the cooldown kills it and prevents it from being an excellent skill for controlling the battlefield. To prevent abusing it to get tons of Fury, I added the fury cost.

    7) Revenge = Increase Proc Chance to 33% Chance of Occuring
    -> Best Served Cold = Increase Critical Chance by 10% for 15 seconds
    -> Retribution = Enemies hit by Revenge are stunned for 2.5 seconds
    -> Grudge = Enemies hit by Revenge flee in terror for 5 seconds
    -> Provocation = Increase Proc Chance to 50% Chance of Occuring

    NOTE: Revenge is a fairly powerful ability... when it Procs. If it doesn't Proc, it is a wasted skill slot. If it Procs it helps out a fair bit in a tough spot, but the old Proc Chance is TOO low to justify taking the skill.

    Special NOTE: Furious Charge... I have no idea how to make this a good ability...

    8) Overpower = Cooldown 10 Seconds; Critical Hits have a 50% chance to reduce the cooldown by 1 second.
    -> Storm of Steel = Throw axes in every direction dealing an additional 25% WepDam to all hit.
    -> Killing Spree = Increase Critical Chance by 5% for 15 seconds
    -> Crushing Advance = Enemies hit suffer a -33% Armor Penalty for 3 seconds

    NOTE: Overpower is a decent ability, but again the cooldown kills it and prevents the skill from shining.

    9) Weapon Throw = Deal 175% Weapon Damage and slow the target by 50% for 5 seconds
    -> Mighty Throw = Deal 250% Weapon Damage
    -> Stupefy = 25% Chance of Occuring, which causes the target to attack nearby allies that lasts for 10 seconds
    -> Dread Bomb = Expend all of your current fury dealing 8% weapon damage per fury spent

    NOTE: Weapon Throw is okay, but it deals too little damage the movement penalty is too short to make the skill useful except in chasing Treasure Goblins.

    10) Threatening Shout = 10 Fury Cost and no Cooldown; All enemies within 30 yds deal 25% less damage for 15 seconds
    -> Intimidate = Affected enemies deal 40% less damage for 15 seconds
    -> Falter = Affected enemies also suffer -15% IAS for 15 seconds
    -> Grim Harvest = Affected enemies also have a 50% chance to drop a health globe
    -> Demoralize = Affected enemies also are taunted into attacking you for 15 seconds
    -> Terrify = Affected enemies also flee in terror for 15 seconds

    NOTE: Threatening Shout could be a mainstay of many builds, especially multiplayer-based builds such as a Tank Build... if it didn't have a cooldown and didn't have lame runes. The cooldown prevents it from being used on every single pack the Barbarian encounters, which destroys any usefulness that the skill could possess.

    11) Battle Rage = Increases damage dealt by 25% and reduce fury cost to 15 (remove critical chance) and lasts for 120 seconds
    -> Marauder's Rage = Increases damage dealt by 50%
    -> Ferocity = When activated it lasts indefinitely.
    -> Swords to Ploughshares = Enemies have a 33% chance to drop a Health Globe
    -> Into the Fray = All critical hits generate 5 fury.
    -> Bloodshed = Critical Hits heal you for 1% of your maximum life.

    NOTE: Battle Rage is an excellent ability. However, to encourage people to use other runes instead of Into the Fray, they have to be buffed up. I nerfed/buffed up (depends on how you look at it) Into the Fray. Instead of a "chance" to generate 15 fury, it has a 100% chance to generate 5 fury.

    12) War Cry = Reduces damage taken by "melee attacks" only by 10% for you and allies within 50 yds for 120 seconds
    -> Hardened Wrath = Also increases armor by 20% for you and allies
    -> Charge = Increases resource generation by 20% for you and allies
    -> Invigorate = Increases maximum life by 10% and heals 1% of Maximum Life per Second

    NOTE: Armor is great, but overall melee damage reduction can be better. It is only melee damage reduction so, the War Cry has no effect on Ranged or Spell based attacks. Makes more sense to be melee-only damage reduction.

    13) Earthquake = 100 Fury Cost (To prevent spamming); No Cooldown; Deals 500% Weapon Damage Per Second for 10 seconds in a 50 yd area (original is 2000 / 8 seconds; this is 500 x 10 seconds)
    -> Giant's Stride = Secondary Tremors follow your footsteps for the duration of the effect dealing 50% WepDam within 15 yds
    -> Chilling Earth = Changes damage to cold; Reduces movement speed by 50% while in the area of effect and has a 25% chance to freeze enemies in place (like frozen effect)
    -> The Mountain's Call = Reduce fury cost to 75
    -> Aftershocks = Changes damage to shock; After duration of Earthquake has elasped a secondary quake in the same area deals 100% WepDam and Knockbacks any targets hit by it
    -> Path of Fire = Project secondary tremors 15 yds in front of you that deal 75% Weapon Damage as Fire

    NOTE: Earthquake COULD be an excellent ability, if it didn't have a cooldown. The extremely high fury cost prevents people from spamming it, but also makes it great at decimating extremely large groups with elites all in one go.

    14) Call of the Ancients = No Fury Cost; 120 Second Cooldown; Heroes last for 60 seconds; Each deals 125% Weapon Damage; Each hero has different abilities:
    Talic [sword/shield] = Bash, Hammer of the Ancients, and Leap
    Korlic [polearm] = Cleave, Seismic Slam, and Ancient Spear
    Madawc [dual axes] = Frenzy, Whirlwind, and Weapon Throw
    -> The Council Rises = The ancients cannot be killed and deals 150% Weapon Damage
    -> Duty to Clan = The ancients last for 90 seconds
    -> Korlic's Might = Korlic deals 250% Weapon Damage and Gains the Ground Stomp Ability
    -> Madawc's Madness = Madawc deals 250% Weapon damage and Gains the Overpower Ability
    -> Talic's Anger = Talic deals 250% Weapon Damage and Gains the Threatening Shout Ability

    NOTE: Call of the Ancients could be great... if the Heroes lasted longer and did more overall damage and had greater access to Barbarian skills... afterall they are like the best barbarians around (otherwise why would they have guarded the Worldstone Keep) so they should have access to more skills.

    15) Wrath of the Beserker = 50 Fury Cost; 90 Second Cooldown; Enter a berserker rage for 15 seconds and gain:
    Critical Hit Chance = +15%
    Increased Attack Speed = +30%
    Reduced Dodge Chance = -15%
    Reduced Armor = -30%
    Movement Speed = +20%

    -> Arreat's Wail = No enemy target will willingly approach you within 5 yds. Any target within 5 yds will flee in terror for 1 second
    -> Insanity = Increase bonuses and penalties as follows:
    Critical Hit Chance = +20%
    Increased Attack Speed = +40%
    Reduced Dodge Chance = -25%
    Reduced Armor = -50%
    Movement Speed = +30%
    -> Slaughter = Critical Hits heal you for 1% of your maximum life
    -> Striding Giant = Increase movement speed to +50%
    -> Thrive on Chaos = Every 20 fury gained while using Wrath of the Berserker reduces its cooldown by 1 second

    NOTE: Changes have been made to reduce defensive ability of Wrath of Berserker to make it more of a tactical decision rather than run around with it constantly on (as it will mean that you will die faster, but you will kill faster). Thrive on Chaos is changed to reduce the skill's cooldown rather than to increase the duration of the effect.
  10. JEB90

    JEB90 Diabloii.Net Member

    Aug 9, 2003
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    It think you'd be completely right if that's what I was pushing. Since I am suggesting however "a basic throwing skill" I don't know what kinds of overpowered runes you are talking about. DHs and Wizs have ranged skills that generate and/or cost no resources without breaking the game. Certainly barbs could, too. There is no reason a throw barb should HAVE TO melee.
  11. Palandus

    Palandus Diabloii.Net Member

    Apr 28, 2013
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    Well... now that I think of it I can think of some new skills that a Barbarian could find useful.

    Being that originally, before the Crusader was even talked about, and Inferno was extremely hard with the whole brickwall of difficulty and death, a lot of Barbarians had to play extremely defensively with a shield, in order to survive the content. Being that Blizzard is showing that things can be done with shields, I believe that Barbarians should get some shield-based skills.

    Things like:

    Block Mastery (Passive) = Increases Block Chance by 10% and increases shield block value by 50%

    Shield Slam = Slam the target with your shield dealing 150% Weapon Damage and stunning the target for 1 second. 10 Fury Cost

    Shield Block = Raise your shield and increase your block chance by 10% for 5 seconds. 25 Fury Cost

    Changes to Current Passives:

    1) Pound of Flesh = Increases chance to find a health globe by 50%, increases healing from health globes by 100% and gain 10 Fury when picking up a health globe.

    2) Nerves of Steel = Increases armor by 100% of your vitality and you are immune to mind-control effects (fear, charm, confusion, etc)

    NOTE: I would think someone with nerves of steel wouldn't flee in terror, or become affected by mind-affecting attacks. Just my two cents.

    3) Weapons Master = Swords/Daggers (+15% IAS), Maces (10% CC), Spears (50% CD), Mighty Weapons (+4 Fury and +15% Damage)

    NOTE: This is changed as swords/daggers usually attack faster anyway, spears are great at piercing a target deep hence the CD, and Mighty Weapons are bigger and nastier looking so they get high fury and bonus damage; otherwise very few touch mighty weapons for the main hand.

    4) Berserker Rage = Wrath of the Berserker and Battle Rage lasts 100% longer and their positive effects are increased by 25% (ie if you normally get +10% damage, with this ability you'd get 12.5% damage)

    NOTE: Its changed from maximum fury as this prevents you from using any fury spenders, and hence makes this passive useless.

    5) Animosity = Increases fury generation by 25% and increases maximum fury by 25

    NOTE: The change is to make the passive more interesting and more likely to be chosen as a build changer.

    6) Superstition = Reduces all non-physical damage by 33%, have a chance to gain 5 fury when hit by a magical ability AND you cannot receive magical buffs from shrines OR allies. Nonmagical buffs (like a Mantra) is fine.

    NOTE: Superstition is a great ability, but I'd think that if you are superstitious you'd avoid magic in as many forms as you could, hence the major change. Also makes this passive a build changer.

    7) Tough as Nails = Increases armor by 25%, increases thorns damage by 50% AND any thorns damage gives an additional 25% armor (ie, so if you did normally 1000 thorns, with this ability, you'd deal 1500 thorns, AND the thorns damage would grant 375 armor (1500 / 4 = 375))

    NOTE: As thorns damage isn't useful yet... this change would make thorns useful as a defensive measure for a more tankish build in Hardcore.

    8) No Escape = You become immune to movement impairing effects, your movement impairing effects that you inflict on others have their duration doubled (+100%), increases the damage of Weapon Throw and Ancient Spear by 50%, and finally, the fury cost of Weapon Throw and Ancient Spear is removed.

    NOTE: This is to make a throwing barb build viable for those who'd like it.

    9) Relentless = When below 50% of maximum health, all fury spenders require 33% less fury and you take 25% less damage.

    NOTE: True the extra bonuses are reduced, but the effect activates much sooner making the passive much better in the long run.

    10) Brawler = As long as there is at least 3 enemies within 15 yds, your damage is increased by 50%

    NOTE: I don't know of anyone who uses this. Maybe buffing up the range of it and the damage will make it viable for some people.

    11) Juggernaut = You become immune to all loss of control effects or crowd-control effects (ie Frozen, Terrify, Charm, etc). In addition you have a chance to recover 10% of your maximum life when you would normally be hit by these effects.

    NOTE: Since many love WOTB because it makes them immune to CC and loss of control effects, having this passive may encourage others to try out other builds instead.

    12) Unforgiving = You no longer degenerate fury, gain 2 fury per second and deal +25% damage to any target that has hit you within 2 seconds

    13) Boon of Bul-Kathos = Removes the cooldown on Earthquake, Call of the Ancients OR Wrath of the Berserker

    NOTE: Very few touch these passives despite the cooldown reduction in these skills. Its just that other passives are better than these skills for the most part, and thats why they don't bother with it. A complete reduction in cooldown may encourage people to try out builds with Earthquake or Call of the Ancients or Wrath of the Berserker with different Rune Combinations.
    Last edited: Sep 3, 2013
  12. Palandus

    Palandus Diabloii.Net Member

    Apr 28, 2013
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    (Yes I know double post, but this is a different idea)

    Though the thing is, the barbarian doesn't feel like a barbarian in combat. Being that I beat Diablo 1 as the Warrior and Diablo 2 as the Barbarian, and both of them felt like their namesake. Here though in Diablo 3... Like combat can feel visceral and is generally a smoother experience but, its not quite the same. Doesn't help either when you feel obligated to HAVE to play WW/RLTW build in order to do the content. Thats not really fun. Theres so many skills that appear at first glance to be extremely interesting (ie Seismic Slam, Furious Charge, Leap, Call of the Ancients, etc...) and effective at changing combat up for a Barbarian. However, most of these skills just don't have any... oomph, I suppose you could say. Personally, I think they should give some oomph to the current skills (and not just percentage changes for Weapon Damage but actual changes) before they focus on adding new ones. Plus, the new skills may have no oomph either and we'll be stuck with the current build. I think that they should focus on the current skills, learn what makes the current skills have oomph and then take that understanding forward and make new skills with oomph.

    Things that could give oomph would be:
    -> Increasing area of effects
    -> Increasing duration of special effects (ie Stun, Movement Impairment, etc)
    -> Increasing proc chances (ie increasing Bash's Stun chance from 20% to 50%)
    -> Adding new special effects to skills (ie Blind, Confusion, Fear, etc)
    -> Making certain affixes useful for a skill (ie Making Thorns damage useful for Ignore Pain)
    -> Creating skill synergies where if you have two skills equipped, one may give a bonus to the other simply because it is in your build
    -> Reducing cooldowns or reducing fury costs

    Damage is nice I suppose too, but damage doesn't really make things interesting.
  13. clueso

    clueso Diabloii.Net Member

    Oct 16, 2011
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    Rampage: mix of Diablo 2 Paladins Zeal & Cleave

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