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D3's item system compared with that of Median (M2K8)

Discussion in 'Diablo 3 Trading Forums' started by Claymore, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. Claymore

    Claymore IncGamers Member

    Jul 9, 2010
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    Hi All,

    This was intended to be posted as a comment to Azzure on but I kept getting errors when submitting it (Word Press errors ? Plz see Azzure's comment suggesting new Legendaries on - I've read all the posts above and I must agree with most of what Azzure says. I've posted this before but I'm reposting it again in the hopes that D3's item system gets better with the expansion or with patches... In 2009, when I was dreaming about what D3 was going to be, I thought that Blizz had it all in the bag, that they'd take the best from D2, Dungeon Siege, Titan's Quest, Torchlight, WOW, etc. and make the item system in D3 super awesome. It's not as good as I expected it to be since I just bought 30 high level gems for like 1K gold when I was just at level 3 (normal) in my gem progression. That just goes to show how broken that is. But the point I want to make is that many items seem to be better sold at the vendor for ridiculously small prices and that should not have been the case. To illustrate this, I will talk about the Median Item system (M2K8). Most people on this forum might now about it already but for those who don't know or as a reminder, here is how Median made almost all items worth picking up, thus filling your stash quickly :

    + Whites : For the Charsi Imbue Quest
    + Grey : If they had sockets, then Runeword or socket rare Jewels. Perhaps a superior socketed class specific item ?
    + Blues : By cubing a blue with a gem, you'd get a lower level gem + a rare item of the same type. So this ate up your gems and gave a good value to blue Amu, Rings and Jewels.
    + Yellow : Of course these were good, but you could also upgrade them to the unique version of the item with advanced cube formulas.
    + Gold : Uniques were good, pretty much as Azzure describes them above.
    + Green : The best in Median, set items were top level only.
    + Gems : To cube your blue or just to socket them.
    + Runes : To make Rune-Words or just to socket them.
    + Elixir : +MF, +GF, +XP exlirs were to be kept handy before a boss fight...
    + Charms : Few but very powerfull, a must keep in your inventory.

    So this all goes to say that almost every item that dropped was worth picking up. Keys opened chests, which were boosted so even Keys were good ! Now, as a last point, I just wanna share that I build up and collect "Suits" in D3 and in Median. Unfortunatly, the +XP in D3 just doesn't seem worth it, as it isn't %based, as it is in Median. Here are my suits :

    +MF Suit (D3 and Median)
    +GF Suit (D3 and Median)
    +XP Suit (Median only)
    +Adventuring Suit (PVM gear to survive and kill stuff, D3 and Median)
    +Crafting Suit (needed to craft good stuff in Median only)

    So that's all, thx for reading and I hope that Blizz knows how awesome that system was so that they can act upon D3's system and make it "Median-it" more. What do you guyz think ?

  2. mr.dines

    mr.dines IncGamers Member

    Jul 9, 2004
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    Agree I started playing D3 just recently and definately miss that from D2. Way too much junk now. Spend a lot of D2 time hunting for other stuff than just pure mf. Now it seems there is no real alternative except maybe gf.

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