D3+RoS - worth buying in '16 ?


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Hello there :)

Old timer here who never played d3.

To be honest I never gave it much thought as back when it was released I didnt work so I had no money for it, and I spent my time in PoE. Unfortunately now I do work and dont have time for PoE, but word of mouth is that D3 is much more casual friendly ? Is that true ? Im debating of getting it off G2A, but I am not sure if the game is a good purchase this late technically and community wise.

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The way the game currently works is that Blizzard release a new patch and start a new season roughly every three months. Players play for a while when the season starts, usually two weeks to two months depending on their goals and average playtime, then go and do something else until the next patch/season.

So yes it's still worth getting, and ironically being fairly casual will probably extend the amount of time you play for.

Community wise, things tend to be very active and busy at the start of the season but there's a noticeable downturn after the first month or so as the more active players begin to burn out. Another late season problem if you enjoy group play is the development of fixed group metas. While there's usually some flexibility early on while people figure out what's best this patch, after a few weeks it gets to a situation where if you aren't the "right" class/build you'll struggle to get in groups.


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What constitutes casual friendly? PoE takes a lot of thought when setting up a build, and has hard to get drops, but fundamentally (when I was playing it at least), there's nothing you can't really do as long as you don't expect to get it done as fast as the people playing 24/7.

Same goes for D3. If you're trying to get a high ranking and aren't playing lots.... good luck with that. But you can still enjoy the game just hopping on whenever you feel like it (assuming you find it enjoyable, of course). Grouped play I've found a bit annoying for the reasons stated above. But hey, you can totally hop on and play the game alone just fine.

If it's a community you're after though, my feeling is that the D3 community is pretty limited. You might find more people if you use reddit or whatever it is that's popular with everyone these days, but otherwise my experience echoes mage slayer. People hop on at the start of seasons, and fade away. Seasons are set to be 3 months from here on out i believe.

I don't really have an answer. How much do you value your $40? (or whatever the current price is). Personally I wouldn't really sweat spending 40 on something I thought had a reasonable chance of holding my attention for at least 20 hours, and I'm sure D3 will do that much for you, if nothing else. The graphics aren't particularly any more dated than they were on release. The game play is better than it was on release. Some issues have been sorted out, several others remain. The style isn't for everyone. But if you think you might like it, give it a shot. You don't have a ton to loose.


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Thanks for the input. I think I' ll give it a shot but what really bummed me out is that I found out theres no trading . :(

I really really like that aspect of poe and d2 .


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I wish sometime in the future (good luck though) that you could be able to trade with others that are on your friends list, or at least your fellow clanmates. Shame that trading only applies to people you've partied with right now.

Aside from that, having played Diablo 3 at week one was initially a huge turnoff because the setup was very unbalanced. Ever since loot 2.0 and Patch 2.x Blizzard really stepped up their game and D3 is quite playable now since the RoS drop. In fact, hearing about RoS baited me into giving Diablo 3 a second chance. Glad I did.