[Guide] D3 RoS 2.1.2 Hardcore T6 Grin Reaper Tank WD


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In the following video guide I'll show you how to build a Hardcore T6 Tank WitchDoctor with fairly common gear for the upcoming Season 2. Let me know what you think!

A snippet from the intro:

"In Diablo 3's hardcore modus your strategic decisions and actions actually count because your hero has just one life - losing control over the game ultimately leads to the death of your character and the loss of all gear you've equipped at this point.

The following guide is therefore aimed towards all hardcore witch doctors who want to play the highest game difficulty, Torment 6, as safe as possible while still dishing out decent damage. The gameplay resembles much that of the Diablo 2 summoning necromancer who - with the aid of two dozen minions - could literally streamroll over the hardest content in Hell difficulty without putting himself into uncalculable danger."

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