D2C World Ladder (2006/10/23 updated)


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Most hardcore players have either gotten to the point where they wouldn't die to anything but disconnecting, or rely on hacks to prevent them from dying (which has claimed a few high level chars this ladder), and at least some of the top characters on SC lad don't even leave town until a few people tell them D is out, meaning they completely leech, and I've seen people do the same on HC, or have 2 chars in the game, the higher one waiting in town until D and the lower one playing in CS (quite common).

i've seen enough people go from 9x-99 without more than a few kills, just sayin i like the title king better and you get to duel around at end of season and grab some high 90 ears :smiley: plus the community knows who can play and who sucks, no matter what ladder position.



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She_sgoodIII and Veramocor hit 97, and she_sgoodIII is the current leader on ESCCL. Expect the lead to occasionally switch back and forth between the two.

- Akukami


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She_sgoodIII is currently the #1 in East after hitting 97 yesturday. DS (Veramocor - A 1 1/2 Player Sorc Nowadays) is considering giving up.

Steve, if you're talking about Rafael, I hope you know that he doesn't level Devonier. He just has access to it.