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LiquidIce said:
is it easier to level up in expansion or classic?
i haven't played classic in ages but what i think is that exp is much easier to lvl up due to masses and masses of baal runs that give huge amounts of experience if u r just the right lvl to do it, not sure where u would lvl up like baal runs in classic. I'm not sure whether chaos sanc runs would lvl up fast in classic, but its nothing compared to baal runs in exp if u do chaos runs in the exp.


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Yeah, Act 5 is definitely a top spot for levelling up, meph then diablo then baal always guarantees me a level.

Do they make nightmare harder in LoD to make up for having that whole extra act to level up on?


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LoD is much easier.

Look at the ladders and then you'll see.

Anyway, us over at Classical do CS runs from like lvl 70-99. Once you get to lvl 95 you only get 2 mil per CS run.


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In classic there are no runes, no charms, only normal and exceptional items, only normal uniques, only the crappy sets etc. etc. Leveling gets even tougher at about L70. IMO it's not worth to level characters there to convert them later, but if you have a good classic sorc and two computers or game instances, you can use her to rush dummies to act 3 hell and then convert them to expansion for getting runes from the Hellforge quest. That saves you from getting the dummies past act 5 in normal and nightmare.