D2 video settings


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What is the best way to play D2 on Windows 10 nowadays? Windowed or Fullscreen? I tried to play with the "-w -nofixaspect" thing and the mouse cursor wasn't working properly, like not showing when moving to outside the gamescreen to the taskbar, it only shows when I move the cursor more than it should. I do prefer to play on windowed mode without these problems. Is there a way to fix it?



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Install svenglidewrapper it optimizes diablo 2 for more modern pc's. You can play fullscreen, windowed, and you can lock the mouse to the window as well. Sven's glide wrapper also helps a freak ton with the lag on modern pc's. However, if you type - in game - "/fps" you will be able to see your fps (Duh-Doi). In single player, you will notice that the game is locked at 25fps. If you play online, that cap is lifted. When i say play online, i mean either on battle net or hosting a lan game. You can still play solo if you host a lan game, plus the fps cap is lifted. I hope this answered at least part of your question