D2 problems


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D2 problems

I guess this can go here.o_O

anyway I havent played d2 in a long time and want to start again but I keep getting this error(even after I reinstall it)

"This application has failed to start because ij|11.dll was not found.Re-installing the application may fix this problem."

?Why does this keep coming up after I shut down my computer and try to play?


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hope you find the following of some use.............

IJL11.dll is the Intel JPEG Library version 1.1. It's used for compressing images into the JPEG standard. This file is no longer supported by Intel.

File ijl11.dll is related to spyware. This is serious violation of your privacy, your system is under security threat.
We advice you to scan your computer and eliminate possible threats.
download scanner and remover

Users comment about ijl11.dll:

1. re: comment about file Ijl11.dll by 16/03/2005. 02:03:06
I also play diablo and ran into this problem after using a spyware removal problem. I have windows xp. Go to http://www.dlldump.com/download-dll-files.php/dllfiles/I/ijl11.dll/download.html and download the file. It downloads the file but not to the diablo directory. Next run a search for \"ijl11.dll\". Keep your search window open. Go to \"my computer\" and click on it, then click on \"local disc (C :) \", then on \"program files\" then on \"diablo II \". Keep the diablo files screen open also. Drag the ijl11.dll file that lists which program directory it is downloaded (for example mine was listed C: Palm) to the diablo II program screen. Play away! Hope this helps

2. re: comment about file Ijl11.dll by 13/02/2005. 14:02:48
I also play Diablo and have been looking all day for a way to fix my computer so I can get back into the game. The previous message is the first real help I have gotten. thanks. Now I just need to find out how to get the file back.

3. re: comment about file Ijl11.dll by 13/02/2005. 06:02:11
I play a game called Diablo. Ever since this file was removed, using spyware from AOL. The game does not run. And the game no longer gives me the option to re install or install it again.