D2 Pot Shortcuts


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D2 Pot Shortcuts

Hey, I'm sure there are threads like this elsewhere, but I didn't think it would hurt to replay some of this knowledge (and I apologize to all the pot smokers who came in here expecting something else):

I read somewhere that someone was complaining about putting the pots back in their belt after a death and some guy just gave an abrupt reply: "That's what shift click is for".

After messing around a bit, I now understand that he was referring to one or more of D2's power user shortcuts. (If these are very common knowledge, don't harsh me too much)

For potions in your inventory:
To put them back on your belt, hold down your shift key and left-click the pots. D2 will try and stack them in the right spots according to the type of the bottom pot (like when you shop for them). If there are no rows available for that type of potion, shift-clicking will do nothing.

For potions at the store:
This is a fun one I found by accident a few weeks ago. In a store, shift-right click a potion and your belt will instantly be filled to the max with that type of pot! (and you will be charged gold accordingly) So if you have an empty 4x4 belt and you want to have one column of life and 3 columns of mana, do this:

RightClick a life potion
Shift+RightClick a mana potion
Shift+RightClick a life potion

This is sooooo much quicker than buying pot after pot (especially where time is of the essence in a fast-cs series - you could miss the bo if you shop longer than a few seconds).

If anyone has any other shortcuts, please post here.