D2 issues after XP service pack 3 upgrade


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D2 issues after XP service pack 3 upgrade

Ever since upgrading to SP3 a few months ago, Diablo 2 just hasn't ran the same. When running it in full screen mode, I get bad sound latency. In-game sound like to jump and sputter a lot. This is corrected somewhat by switching to windowed mode, but then D2 locks up randomly for about 3-4 seconds while in the middle of a game as if something were trying to load.

What I have done in an attempt to correct this:
  • Defragment
  • Reinstall D2 (Full install)
  • Reinstall DirectX 10
  • Move all mpqs to D2 directory
  • Run anti-virus (negative results; scheduled to run weekly)
  • Run anti-spyware (negative results; scheduled to run daily)
My guess is that this is some kind of a compatibility issue with SP3 and DirectX or possibly even D2 itself. This problem doesn't seem to occur with any other program other than D2. Any help and/or confirmation here? Because I would hate to think that something on my laptop is giving up the ghost in some way.