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D2 Goals & Objectives for 2019

Discussion in 'Single Player Forum' started by maxicek, Jan 2, 2019.

  1. peytron

    peytron IncGamers Member

    Jun 9, 2008
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    Thanks! I was somewhere around 30% of items found when it dropped if you can believe it.
  2. Luhkoh

    Luhkoh IncGamers Member

    Jan 3, 2019
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  3. Babyhell

    Babyhell IncGamers Member

    Jan 22, 2019
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    @Luhkoh oh yes I did, I guess I already played more than what I expected to play in the whole year ! When I came back and wrote "Falling in D2 again", I couldn't be more right !
  4. art_vandelay

    art_vandelay IncGamers Member

    Mar 13, 2019
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    Looking through this thread I guess my D2 goals for this year fall mostly into the 'setting up' category! :)

    Over the last 3-4 Weeks I got my Infinity and all that Mephisto can reasonably give me (where's my Azurewrath, Meph?! :( ) and with a little help from the Council and Pindle I'm now at 81,39% of the grail. So a full success so far!
    My goals in no particular order:
    • Compete in RFL round 2 and find a Ber to complete Enigma, a Cham for my Steelshade and LoJah for Phoenix.
    • Have a working Java for RFL round 3 as well as some other runner (Hammerdin? Fire Druid? Fire Sorc?). I will need to go back to Charsi to get that ATSoD though, after all I can't post a write-up on how to get it and then not have one :D
    • Get 7k rare rings. That's more of a rough goal though: Chances of getting a rare dual leech ring with fcr and 4+ML/5+LL are 1 in 7179. So far I have gambled 2k rings and probably found another 100-200 rare rings, so nearly there! (5,7%)
    • Find the big damage items: Griffon's, Nightwing's, Fathom, Blizzard Ormus, Death's Web (Owner of a perfect Ravenlore, much better than the owner of a low-roll Fathom? :D)
    • Find two SoJ's (council please? :rolleyes: )
    • Do a sept. Don't have a theme for characters for it yet, but it should include a Spearazon, a Throwbarb and a Riftsin variant. The goal - at least partially - would be to put all those uniques I never used into action (I already have 24 unique throwing weapons and if the past is any indicator for future growth then I'll have about 1000 by the end of this year ...). In the same vein I don't want to just throw all runewords for RW grail into just whatever but rather have them be used on some character. Something I've been thinking about a while would be the ATMA-bugged eth 'Fury' Fanged Knife. Fury could never come close to any other weapon in a BA or whatever, but here it could really shine! Principle with synergized Holy Bolt CtC could also be fun! I'm getting off-topic :p
    • Compete in MFO. No clear plans for that though, just that I won't run Pindle :D
    • Start an untwinked 99er. No clear idea on what that's going to be though, probably not a barb for a first timer ;)
    • Don't play 'Mana Burn Simulator 2019' aka 'WW Barb'. Seriously, that guy burned me twice now, I'm not going to fall for him again!
    On a side note: I have never had a Telling of Beads in all of my time playing this game. Maybe patch 1.15 will bring us a '3 Tal Rasha's Adjudication -> 1 Telling of Beads' Cube recipe so poorer players like me have a chance at getting one as well! :eek:
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  5. Luhkoh

    Luhkoh IncGamers Member

    Jan 3, 2019
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    @art_vandelay very glad you chimed in as you seem to be a very interesting player, as well as making fast progress since your reset. 80% grail in 1 month? You serious?! Thats awesome. Love the very ambitious plans, but at your current pace, I won't be surprised to see you knock them out!

    Also your ravenlores are sweet. You going to make that phoenix then try out the tunnels fire druid? That's a distant goal of mine.

    I'm trying to make my budget ww barb work for round 2 and think I'll muddle through with him regardless, and i haven't given him long enough to grow on me. But I'm already starting to agree with mana burn 2019 lol. I just keep wanting to spec him back to zerk and hit some pindle.
  6. art_vandelay

    art_vandelay IncGamers Member

    Mar 13, 2019
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    @Luhkoh Thanks! The progress came at a price though: I pretty much rushed every character through the game with my first sorc and ultimately most of my chars right now are Blizzard sorcs. It's just too damn efficient :D

    Rush -> Nova into Blizzard -> level to 80-90 on Eldritch, Pindle, Baal -> use as runner

    Having multiple sorcs at that level also means you never have to lose your maps because you want to hit a different target for a day.

    The sept is supposed to be a change of pace and allow me to play some non-efficient builds and actually quest through the game. I usually don't do that with a standard build because it's mostly just going places and one-hitting stuff. With weirder characters it becomes more of a challenge and thus also more fun.

    Fissure Druid is one of my options for MFO, so yeah the Ravenlore and the Phoenix will go there, but the Firesorc will be happy about it too. After all there are no big damage uniques for her otherwise. It's certainly one of the more decadent RWs consisting only of HRs!


    The Fabian's and Griffon's make WW seem very smooth and simple when in reality it's a major hassle to keep control through all whirls and to quickly recover from a Mana Burn Hit. But don't judge the skill before you have good weapons (Oath/Grief or Grief/Grief) and tried out the tricks to deal with Mana Burn. ;) (If it doesn't work out you just respec him to a Singer and do pits, that was always my way to recycle him :D )
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  7. Luhkoh

    Luhkoh IncGamers Member

    Jan 3, 2019
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    @art_vandelay any tricks for mana burn other than 0 mana double swing and try desperately to get a whirl chain going before you lose so much health you have to s/e? And yeah I definitely will reserve judgment till I both have a grief and get a lot better at using the skill. I'm fairly sure I'm about to get 20 hours of practice with it no matter my results :p Just comparing it to howl+taunt+zerk, which also required a bit of practice but was immediately fun and satisfying, I have found it frustrating trying to get a handle on ww. I'm sure its also partly due to the fact I didn't quest through the game as ww where you learn to use the skill as enemies slowly get tougher.

    As for your general approach to the reset, I like it a lot. I also like to do some inefficient characters and do whatever is fun, but then my desire to have a decent runner to participate in stuff like RFL/MFO makes me wish I had invested in a single character and made the good rw's by now. So I think your strategy of full efficiency till some completed characters, and then mess around with whatever you want is probably how I would have gone about it if I had to do it again. But having tons of fun regardless!
  8. Gripphon

    Gripphon IncGamers Member

    Sep 11, 2009
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    After some thinking I do seem to have few goals I could work on

    1. Level sorc to 96 in Travincal
    - I'm not sure was this ever done before, but I'm roughly 35k runs away from doing it. That's just ridiculous amount and will obviously take quite some time to do. I better start hosting RFO every month! This 99% won't be done this year, I have better things to do than to hit Travincal outside tournaments

    2. Get classic gear and do 27 million goldfind record
    - I'm sure I can do it even now if I make enough tries

    3. Finish second grail
    - first is done, for second I miss Zod and Caduceus.
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  9. art_vandelay

    art_vandelay IncGamers Member

    Mar 13, 2019
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    @Luhkoh Well yeah, that's on my list too, but sadly the second item is rage quit :D It's pretty much as annoying at level 30 as it is at level 85, I think a lot of it is simply not losing your cool. Did you read Fabian's Trav WW guide?

    Part of why I'm doing it this way is that at the very beginning I ran a Summoner Necro for MF. No Enigma, no Beast and no Infinity. Just running through 4 to 5 areas with 15 skeletons and a merc. It was great fun, especially clearing an entire room with CE after waiting over a minute for the first corpse :D I guess you can't get that innocent approach back after you have reached a certain level of efficiency once, but that just opens up new ways to go!
  10. ArtOfSenf

    ArtOfSenf IncGamers Member

    Jul 10, 2018
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    Thanks bro! Let me see, my 5 findings were (iirc)

    Mang songs
    Herald Of Zakarum

    I think Schaefers was my favorite of them. You would probably expect me to say Mang Songs but I found a second one shortly after my first (~2 weeks). Same goes for windforce: after finding the first unique Hydra Bow it took less than 4 weeks to find a second one.
    Schaefers on the other hand was a hard one. Took me 9 unique Legendary Mallets to finally get it and biting off your nails eight times only to ID stone crushers to finally find that schaefers was a big relief.

    Remaining ones are:
    BK ring
    Spirit Ward
    Deaths Fathom
    Knell Striker
    Astreons Iron Ward

    I could hard farm for BK and Knell striker, but I want to go straight for tyraels. Wish me luck :D

    BTW: super impressed with the progress you guys made. Cheers!!
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  11. T72on1

    T72on1 IncGamers Member

    Feb 12, 2016
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    Preparation for the mountain trail is going very well actually. Already got lots of mileage and lots of altitude gain in the first three months of the year, much more than usual. I also seem to recover really well, so yes all is fine. Well almost, as I'm having some stomach issues lately. Not that much of a problem for running in general, but it wasn an issue when doing my 55K test race a few weeks ago. My stomach started to act up after some 30K there as well, and I ended up cutting down on eating and drinking. As a result, I still suffered for that last bit, whereas I had hoped to finish the race relatively easy. On the upside though, my muscles weren't stiff at all the days after, which seems to be a sign that my training is paying off.

    I don't have a video from my Barb pre-Grief, no. So yes, I recognize your feeling, as it's a build you expect to crush enemies, but until you have good gear, it doesn't. So you have to be careful how you play the character. Just hold on to it, seek out different targets / areas, and see what works best for you. The drops will be there eventually.

    Ice is a lot of fun yes. The CTC Frost Nova is crazy. You can easily melt enemies on /p8 with ease ... if they aren't CI, and if it weren't for the huge mana cost of FA. Those two things really make the build far less strong, or at least more tedious than it should be. Nevertheless, it's still very fun and has quite good potential in areas which don't have (many) CIs, like AT, Cows, Travincal and Baal Waves.
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  12. ArtOfSenf

    ArtOfSenf IncGamers Member

    Jul 10, 2018
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    Update on this: mang songs is now again my favorite find of the last 5 I've got. I have found my 2nd (consecutive!!) Schaefers yesterday. RNG just trolling me :D
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  13. srrw

    srrw IncGamers Member

    Jul 2, 2012
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    Deeeeyum. I'm an overachiever!
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  14. Chaostar

    Chaostar IncGamers Member

    Jul 7, 2011
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    Hi ! I'll give myself some goals and see how it goes !

    So I get back to Diablo2 after several month IRL. I started a HC Sept, and gladly I found backups of my previous characters (I thought they were lost for good), so I can also go on with my untwinked lvl 99 sorceress.
    I can play a few hours / week, so let's stay realistic !

    - Progress with the HC sept : no rush, just try not to die. Bring the seven in Hell Act I would be great.
    - get back to untw. lvl 99 project : My Sorceress is lvl 91, and she's weak, I don't really like lightning spells, and I have a lot of equipement to improve (still didn't find any 4 socket monarch ! unbelievable !) : so better equipment and some lvl will be nice. Let's say lvl 95, I think I never get any character that far, neither on bnet nor in single player.
    - Try a fun tournament : a lot of great tournament on this forum, if I find the time I'll give a try (incoming tournament, @T72on1 ? :D )
    - grail inventory : I keep a grail inventory for the untwinked lvl99 char, but I have tons of mules from previous characters (I keep too much stuff), and I have no idea what I own (I know what I own NOT, Tyrael, Griffon, Tal amulet, Windforce, Grandfather...). I have hours of clean up and inventory to do... I'd like to have a nice inventory, a global grailer list
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  15. ArtOfSenf

    ArtOfSenf IncGamers Member

    Jul 10, 2018
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    Update: Mang Songs is not my favorite find of the last 5 anymore.


    It's my best, though. But it's not my first one, neither my second :O.

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  16. T72on1

    T72on1 IncGamers Member

    Feb 12, 2016
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    Poor, unlucky bastard ... ;).
  17. ffs

    ffs IncGamers Member

    Feb 7, 2017
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    @ArtOfSenf Ehmmm, what kind of runs are you doing exactly? :D

    Well, apart from one extra character in the sept, none of that happened so far. Not sure which I'll tackle first after RFL. Also want to play around with Cow Assassin a bit more.. Maybe next year I'll have the same list. ;)
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  18. NorthDakota

    NorthDakota IncGamers Member

    Aug 10, 2012
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    Been thinking a lot about this thread and what I want to accomplish. Pretty late to the party here but -

    1. Get my sorc to 98 - I think this is more realistic for me. I've been doing some baals this week on my 96 sorc. She's been at 96 for several years and while I've spoken about wanting to get to 99, it's much different to actually do it. Anyways, I've made steady progress and 97 should be this week. 98 shouldn't be too much harder, but I'm not so sure that I'll have the willpower or time for 99. By setting this goal at 98 instead of the daunting goal of 99, I think mentally I'll be more able to get it done.

    2. Complete a beta CtA - got the ohm and the ist in 1.07, just need the base and a mal and to buckle down and play some earlier patches. I'd like to use it on my 99er who is already extremely safe wearing a 1.07 arkaines and max fire/light resist. Really afraid of getting a low roll on this after all the work that's gone into it so far.

    3. get a beta bkwb (or two) - got a sorcy parked in 1.09 after forwarding from 1.07 to gear up and to grab a 1.09 ravenclaw. Already got the ravenclaw but I'm going to do some hellforge rushes before forwarding to 1.10a for the bkwb (then onto 1.10s for the cta..). I don't really need these for any reason in particular other than I just want 2 extra skills on my sorcy and it'd be neat to have them to use on my characters. Expecting a long grind here.

    Lower priority -

    4. Better charms - life/resist scs, definitely going to be doing some LK runs as always.

    5. Better crafted ammy for sorcy - crafted a boatload of amulets, it's a never ending process though.
  19. ziambe

    ziambe IncGamers Site Pal

    Oct 21, 2009
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    Also casually late to the party, but for the record, have been eyeing it since Jan :)

    Just horked a sacred armor which is the motivation I needed to finally post my goals for 2019:

    • 3 Sacred Armors (Temp or Tyr, doesn't matter)
    • 10 items for eth grail
    • 5 items for perfect grail
    • 2 items for baal grail
    • Participate in 1 MFO
    • Level 98 with pitbarb
    • Level 97 with Javazon
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  20. ziambe

    ziambe IncGamers Site Pal

    Oct 21, 2009
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    Eh, I just couldn't help myself...
    2019 Goal Progress Table
    Player                                                                          Progress
    ------                                                                          -------------------
    maxicek                                                                         ?/4 Goals Achieved
    1) Finish the Grail                                                             ?
    2) Get RW Grail to -5                                                           ?
    3) Play some PvP                                                                ?
    4) More Mats & Pats                                                             ?
    Kitteh                                                                          ?/3 Goals Achieved
    1) 30 Guardians                                                                 ?
    2) Level Pride to 98                                                            ?
    3) Grail progress                                                               ?
    nepeta                                                                          ?/3 Goals Achieved
    1) Finish grail                                                                 ?
    2) Play some MP games                                                           ?
    3) Have fun with the most addictive game there is                               ?
    sanguillen                                                                      ?/2 Goals Achieved
    1) Find a *&^%$&^%$ Sur rune                                                    ?
    2) Find a Ber in its place                                                      ?
    jonnyphive                                                                      ?/5 Goals Achieved
    1) Build Pit, Trav, and WSK runner                                              ?
    2) Respec my summoner Necro                                                     ?
    3) Make Infinity and (ab)use it heavily                                         ?
    4) Log some real hours with new LK runner                                       ?
    5) Create my next trio of themed characters and complete two of them            ?
    galtwish                                                                        ?/1 Goal Achieved
    1) Make Guardian in a tournament                                                ?
    ArtOfSenf                                                                       ?/8 Goals Achieved
    1) Complete S/U Grail                                                           -8
    2) Find Cham                                                                    ?
    3) Find Zod                                                                     ?
    4) Get my blizzsorc or hammerdin to 99                                          ?
    5) At least 1 mat / Pat of every class                                          ?
    6) Start the RW Grail                                                           ?
    7) At some point start a HC journey and make a Sept thread                      ?
    8) Build 1-2 unusual chars / builds                                             ?
    TwentyMuleTeam                                                                  ?/4 Goals Achieved
    1) Finish my untwinked 99er                                                     ?
    2) Participate in more tourneys, MFO and RFO                                    ?
    3) Learn more about crafting/gambling as I rarely do it                         ?
    4) Build some rune wealth and make the major RWs                                ?
    pharphis                                                                        ?/1 Goal Achieved
    1) Find Tyrael's                                                                ?
    Drixx                                                                           ?/2 Goals Achieved
    1) Get some MP going again                                                      ?
    2) Maybe finally make some real progress on untwinked HC 99er                   ?
    Albatross                                                                       ?/1 Goal Achieved
    1) Just Tyrael's                                                                ?
    Excalibur                                                                       ?/2 Goals Achieved
    1) Quit Diablo                                                                  ?
    2) Dedicate my free time to something more creative                             ?
    Tenecabo                                                                        ?/9 Goals Achieved
    1) Finish 10k LK runs                                                           ?
    2) Enigma                                                                       ?
    3) Infinity                                                                     ?
    4) Get my bowzon through nightmare and hell and equip her for pvp               ?
    5) Make a WW barb for Travincal                                                 ?
    6) Make a Javazon for cows                                                      ?
    7) Make a trap sin                                                              ?
    8) Make a fury wolf                                                             ?
    9) Finally participate in either RFO or MFO                                     ?
    Friiser                                                                         ?/11 Goals Achieved
    1) Get summoner necro to 99                                                     ?
    2) Get closer to finishing grail                                                ?
    3) Get closer to finishing RW grail                                             ?
    4) Finish Hell with Chicago                                                     ?
    5) Finish Hell with MaxwellHammer                                               ?
    6) Finish Hell with Plasmarie                                                   ?
    7) Finish Hell with Friiszealot                                                 ?
    8) Finish Hell with Tutenkamun                                                  ?
    9) Make progress on crossbow-wielding summoner                                  ?
    10) Make progress on a few Amazons                                              ?
    11) Keep up with all the good stuff happening here at the SPF!                  ?
    Timinator                                                                       ?/2 Goals Achieved
    1) Rack a Cranium Basher                                                        ?
    2) Beast                                                                        ?
    T72on1                                                                          ?/16 Goals Achieved
    1) Get second and maybe even third untwinked 99er                               ?
    2) Finish grail                                                                 ?
    3) Finish runeword grail                                                        ?
    4) Organise TC3 hunting tournament, or a variation                              ?
    5) Join MFOs, RFOs, and especially the RFL                                      ?
    6) Make some new characters to use newly created high end runewords             ?
    7) Do another Sept                                                              ?
    8) Keep untwinked 99er HC Hammerdin alive and get him to level 97+              ?
    9) Level unwtinked 99er SC WW Barb                                              ?
    10) Get him better gear                                                         ?
    11) Find a few more grailers                                                    ?
    12) Finally decide what to do with the HRs collecting dust in stash             ?
    13) Find some more HRs                                                          ?
    14) Certainly join the RFL, maybe other tournaments too if time permits         ?
    15) Make some more random characters                                            ?
    16) Keep on learning, posting, and having fun here at the SPF                   ?
    Gynli                                                                           ?/7 Goals Achieved
    1) Reach lvl 98 on untwinked 99er bowazon                                       ?
    2) Finish title grail                                                           ?
    3) If T72on1 hosts TC3 tourney again, join the tourney, and win it this time    ?
    4) Push holy grail down to sub -50                                              ?
    5) Start new side project once title grail is finished                          ?
    6) Get second entrant (assasin) in the untwinked 99er challenge                 ?
    7) Push second untwinked 99er to hell travincal                                 ?
    Smittyphi                                                                       ?/6 Goals Achieved
    1) Make decent progress with 99er                                               ?
    2) Finish 3 of my 7 builds                                                      ?
    3) Make an Enigma                                                               ?
    4) Make an Infinity                                                             ?
    5) Guardian my SniperZon (hardest)                                              ?
    6) Make an Assassin that uses the MA tree and enjoy it                          ?
    ffs                                                                             ?/4 Goals Achieved
    1) Finish sept with only items from untwinked 99ers and niche builds            ?
    2) Try to get a Guardian                                                        ?
    3) Progress untwinked 99er Paladin                                              ?
    4) Grail...                                                                     ?
    TopHatCat64                                                                     ?/3 Goals Achieved
    1) Continue to trade with every single person I can on the trade forums         ?
    2) Work towards acquiring the runes for Faith and double Dreams                 ?
    3) Come up with more crazy builds                                               ?
    kstuart                                                                         ?/3 Goals Achieved
    1) Mat untwinked 99er this year                                                 ?
    2) Could compete in some tourneys                                               ?
    3) Start a thread covering what my characters are and what progress i make      ?
    smloeffelholz                                                                   ?/8 Goals Achieved
    1) Finish the 3-way Redux tournament with at least one Guardian                 ?
    2) Finally start working on planned Baldur's Gate character sept                ?
    3) Finally get the courage to start a character in the Untwinked 99er thread    ?
    4) Enigma                                                                       ?
    5) Infinity                                                                     ?
    6) Grief                                                                        ?
    7) Fortitude                                                                    ?
    8) Make a dent in the grail                                                     ?
    darkstarhub                                                                     ?/5 Goals Achieved
    1) Make a magic item only Barb                                                  ?
    2) Make a rare item only Sorc                                                   ?
    3) Make some kind of character class based on CTC Frost Nova                    ?
    4) Make progress on 99’er Sorc                                                  ?
    5) Work on my all time grail                                                    ?
    Shuffleblast                                                                    ?/5 Goals Achieved
    1) Enigma                                                                       ?
    2) Rack another shako or 3                                                      ?
    3) Find a Zod                                                                   ?
    4) Don't die                                                                    ?
    5) Find time to play D2                                                         ?
    Luhkoh                                                                          ?/10 Goals Achieved
    1) Start unwinked 99er sorceress, and get her to lvl 90+                        ?
    2) Make CtA                                                                     ?
    3) Make Infinity                                                                ?
    4) Get 75% + of grail                                                           ?
    5) Patmat the 3 classes I haven't played yet (assassin, druid, barb)            ?
    6) Make an enigma                                                               ?
    7) Make CtA (without LK)                                                        ?
    8) Complete a set for all 3 RFL rounds                                          ?
    9) Do at least 20 hours in MFO                                                  ?
    10) Make and post another useful sheet/writeup                                  ?
    sir_cyclops                                                                     2/8 Goals Achieved
    1) Start untwinked 99er sorc and get to 90                                      1/1
    2) Get Devi to 95                                                               ?
    3) Complete Tal's set                                                           ?
    4) Find a SoJ                                                                   ?
    5) Get top 5 overall in rfl                                                     ?
    6) Get to -50 on a new grail                                                    ?
    7) Make infinity                                                                1/1
    8) Mat a kicker/ds sin                                                          ?
    TheGuardianXXXIII                                                               ?/8 Goals Achieved
    1) Make Enigma                                                                  ?
    2) Make a teleporting summoner/CE necro                                         ?
    3) Make a teleporting Pit Zerker                                                ?
    4) Get fireball/orb sorc to 96+                                                 ?
    5) Finish howling berserker 2h barb                                             ?
    6) Make a wwsin                                                                 ?
    7) Make a cow farming Javazon                                                   ?
    8) Make an Infinity for aforementioned Sorc/Javazon                             ?
    NanoMist                                                                        ?/2 Goals Achieved
    1) Sub 2 hour Matriarch                                                         ?
    2) Find my 2 remaining grail items, Death's Fathom and Steel Pillar             ?
    mir                                                                             ?/6 Goals Achieved
    1) Mat Blaze sorc                                                               ?
    2) Pat Feral rage druid                                                         ?
    3) Mat Some amazons                                                             ?
    4) Try another 1-2 pvp chars                                                    ?
    5) Get 1 twinked char to 99                                                     ?
    6) Level some classic chars                                                     ?
    Grape                                                                           ?/3 Goals Achieved
    1) Pat/Mat some characters                                                      ?
    2) Host the RFL again!                                                          ?
    3) 12 Pats/Mats                                                                 ?
    Pringlesman                                                                     ?/2 Goals Achieved
    1) Find a 1.09 Schaefer's                                                       ?
    2) Find a 1.09 Windforce                                                        ?
    Izzak                                                                           ?/2 Goals Achieved
    1) Get a character to lvl 85+                                                   ?
    2) Collect as many set/unique items as possible                                 ?
    Quinneczech                                                                     ?/3 Goals Achieved
    1) Get to lvl 97 with untwinked hc barb                                         ?
    2) Find enough runes and base for botd cs                                       ?
    3) Get sick dual leech fcr ring                                                 ?
    helvete                                                                         ?/2 Goals Achieved
    1) Grail                                                                        ?
    2) Relax and have fun                                                           ?
    krischan                                                                        ?/1 Goal Achieved
    1) Grail                                                                        ?
    TedDeeBoy                                                                       ?/2 Goals Achieved
    1) One untwinked 99er                                                           ?
    2) One guardian                                                                 ?
    DiabloTwoinDC                                                                   ?/2 Goals Achieved
    1) 12 Pat/Mats for the year                                                     ?
    2) Make a Pride IG                                                              ?
    Barl                                                                            ?/2 Goals Achieved
    1) Archive all but one of my classic (1.00 or 1.05) characters                  ?
    2) Venture into 1.07...                                                         ?
    Ghonn                                                                           ?/6 Goals Achieved
    1) Get untwinked blizzardess to 96                                              ?
    2) Find Tal's armor                                                             ?
    3) Find Tal's amulet                                                            ?
    4) Try novamancer                                                               ?
    5) Make a bowazon                                                               ?
    6) Have fun and not be effective                                                ?
    Gripphon                                                                        1/4 Goals Achieved
    1) Level sorc to 96 in Travincal                                                ?
    2) Get classic gear and do 27 million goldfind record                           ?
    3) Finish second grail                                                          ?
    4) Troll SPF                                                                    1/1
    Bobbo                                                                           ?/4 Goals Achieved
    1) Get untwinked 99er barb somewhere into the mid 90's                          ?
    2) Get another one going                                                        ?
    3) Enigma                                                                       ?
    4) Infinity                                                                     ?
    Peytron                                                                         1/2 Goals Achieved
    1) Quest through the game solo with one character of each class                 1/1
    2) Grail -50                                                                    ?
    Klonki                                                                          ?/6 Goals Achieved
    1) Find some monarchs                                                           ?
    2) Get that pul                                                                 ?
    3) Start a paladin                                                              ?
    4) Start a druid                                                                ?
    5) Another Sur would do it                                                      ?
    6) Some eth polearms and flails                                                 ?
    DariusTriplet                                                                   ?/2 Goals Achieved
    1) Make a King                                                                  ?
    2) Make a Queen                                                                 ?
    liquid_mage                                                                     ?/5 Goals Achieved
    1) Keep Grailing                                                                ?
    2) Get untwinked sorc for the 99 thread to 95-97                                ?
    3) Enigma                                                                       ?
    4) Pat a P.Nova Necro                                                           ?
    5) Pat a Wolf/Bear Druid                                                        ?
    LongingForDeath                                                                 ?/6 Goals Achieved
    1) (Re)build main characters                                                    ?
    2) Get 1.14d grail down to -20                                                  ?
    3) Build a 1.10a sorc for running Andariel                                      ?
    4) Build a 1.10s character (probably summon necro) to collect HFs               ?
    5) Start an untwinked character for the 99er challenge and get it to 95+        ?
    6) Find a stable 1.07 Thresher rack                                             ?
    Jonesy_Pantz                                                                    ?/3 Goals Achieved
    1) Post regular updates on HC sept project                                      ?
    2) Participate in at least 3 SPF tournaments                                    ?
    3) Start an untwinked 99'er and get to 70+                                      ?
    Fruit                                                                           ?/3 Goals Achieved
    1) Reach at least level 90 with one character                                   ?
    2) Build a character around a skill that I've never used as main before         ?
    3) Finish Hell with it                                                          ?
    MizzouFTW                                                                       ?/7 Goals Achieved
    1) Run LK for Enigma                                                            ?
    2) Run LK for 2x CoH                                                            ?
    3) Run LK for 2x 15ias/15all res jewels                                         ?
    4) Run LK for green arreat-style +5 bo helm                                     ?
    5) Run LK for magic/rare +5 nado pelt                                           ?
    6) End the year with grail -1                                                   ?
    7) Finish HC Sept untwinked                                                     ?
    Dagaz                                                                           ?/4 Goals Achieved
    1) Make Enigma                                                                  ?
    2) Build some kind of fire damage dealing character                             ?
    3) Get Grail as low as possible                                                 ?
    4) Not getting too addicted to the game                                         ?
    broxi_111                                                                       ?/1 Goal Achieved
    1) Get naked lady to Guardian at P8                                             ?
    Kartongen                                                                       ?/4 Goals Achieved
    1) Just have time to play                                                       ?
    2) Play some fireclaw / charger combo on ladder                                 ?
    3) Finish one Matriarch                                                         ?
    4) Untwinked SC sept with all classes                                           ?
    jjscud                                                                          ?/2 Goals Achieved
    1) Complete one or both of my two failed 99 projects                            ?
    2) Some LK, pit, and pindle runners                                             ?
    srrw                                                                            ?/1 Goal Achieved
    1) Install D2 on my laptop                                                      ?
    Babyhell                                                                        ?/10 Goals Achieved
    1) Get IpBanPrevales to 90                                                      ?
    2) Mat IpBanPrevales                                                            ?
    3) Raise P&B necro and bring him to Hell                                        ?
    4) Top 10 in one of the two coming RFL rounds                                   ?
    5) Find JMoD                                                                    ?
    6) Enigma                                                                       ?
    7) Fortitude                                                                    ?
    8) Silence                                                                      ?
    9) Build an immortal pally                                                      ?
    10) Have fun                                                                    ?
    Basicbhoy                                                                       ?/9 Goals Achieved
    1) Keep belgarath alive                                                         ?
    2) HC untwinked 99 druid                                                        ?
    3) Enigma                                                                       ?
    4) CTA                                                                          ?
    5) Reaper's Toll                                                                ?
    6) SOJ                                                                          ?
    7) Andariel's Visage                                                            ?
    8) Build a dual clawed assassin                                                 ?
    9) Progress avenger that is stuck in NM                                         ?
    necrolemming                                                                    ?/1 Goal Achieved
    1) Catch up on writing my character report backlog                              ?
    bgalakazam                                                                      ?/4 Goals Achieved
    1) Get my single player game on                                                 ?
    2) Make 1.07 Sorc                                                               ?
    3) Make 1.09 main                                                               ?
    4) Make 1.13+ main                                                              ?
    Maltatai                                                                        ?/2 Goals Achieved
    1) Guardian a character                                                         ?
    2) Finish Javazon Misadventures writeup                                         ?
    Vildecor                                                                        ?/4 Goals Achieved
    1) Get to at least level 98 on untwinked 99er                                   ?
    2) Achieve Guardian for the first time                                          ?
    3) Finish a tournament                                                          ?
    4) Don't go MIA because of a bit of D2 boredom                                  ?
    art_vandelay                                                                    ?/17 Goals Achieved
    1) Compete in RFL round 2                                                       ?
    2) Enigma                                                                       ?
    3) Cham                                                                         ?
    4) Phoenix                                                                      ?
    5) Have a working Java for RFL round 3                                          ?
    6) Some other runner (Hammerdin? Fire Druid? Fire Sorc?)                        ?
    7) Get 7k rare rings                                                            ?
    8) Find Griffon's                                                               ?
    9) Find Nightwing's                                                             ?
    10) Find Fathom                                                                 ?
    11) Find Blizzard Ormus                                                         ?
    12) Find Death's Web                                                            ?
    13) Find two SoJ's                                                              ?
    14) Do a sept                                                                   ?
    15) Compete in MFO                                                              ?
    16) Start an untwinked 99er                                                     ?
    17) Don't play 'Mana Burn Simulator 2019' aka 'WW Barb'                         ?
    Chaostar                                                                        ?/4 Goals Achieved
    1) Progress with the HC sept                                                    ?
    2) Get back to untw. lvl 99 project                                             ?
    3) Try a fun tournament                                                         ?
    4) Grail inventory                                                              ?
    NorthDakota                                                                     ?/5 Goals Achieved
    1) Get sorc to 98                                                               ?
    2) Complete a beta CtA                                                          ?
    3) Get a beta bkwb (or two)                                                     ?
    4) Better charms                                                                ?
    5) Better crafted ammy for sorcy                                                ?
    ziambe                                                                          0/9 Goals Achieved
    1) 3 Sacred Armors                                                              1/3
    2) 10 items for eth grail                                                       3/10
    3) 5 items for perfect grail                                                    0/5
    4) 5 runes above Gul                                                            0/5
    5) 2 items for baal grail                                                       0/2
    6) Participate in 1 MFO                                                         0/1
    7) Level 98 with pitbarb                                                        .978%
    8) Level 97 with Javazon                                                        0%
    9) 1.07 Racking - to be added later

    Total Goals                                                                     Goals Achieved!
    -----------                                                                     ---------------
    293                                                                             4/293
    Best of luck to everyone!
    Last edited: May 3, 2019

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