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Just finished the normal difficulty of Hellfire (patch-mod 1.02.A5). Good Warrior has the easiest time with Diablo - he fall to my sword too easily, even in Hellfire (he got boosted a bit, especially his HP was doubled). He couldn't hit me with melee attack but Apocalypse was one hell of a pain.

1. Play carefully - advance slowly. You can't do much at the very beginning. Later, with good items you could be literally gangbanged by Knights and still be winning each round.

2. Never forget about your shield. Blocking is very important and useful. Also, it raises your AC a bit which is always a good thing.

3. Shield - good slot for Obsidian-line bonus (+% to all resistances). IMHO one of the best possibility here.

4. Never use axe or 2h sword. The small fraction of time difference between axe hit and sword of haste really makes a difference. It can stun most of enemies. Having a sword of speed (fastest attack speed) allows you to quickly decimate the magi (Advocates and so on) and Witches (Succubi and so on). My crit hits oneshotted magi!

5. Damage is not everything. Although you can go pure warrior and forget about magic, it's still important. Also, you need to hit things. It's at least very playable with ~100% to hit at late Normal.

6. Speaking of magic, strive to max Magic. You may need it though, on Normal, I basically only used Healing and 2-3 Stone Curses (mostly from a scrolls which I happened to find somewhere during my journey). The great effort to have Teleport was naive - havent used it but you may need it. In short terms - magic is desirable, but not the very first priority. From Hellfire-added spells you might want Reflect ("Reflect reduces melee damage by 20-29% and reflects that much of the damage back to the attacking monster.") and Search (useful).

7. Dexterity is very important. You won't be very fit & nimble but at later stages you will need that extra to hit. Armor coming from dexterity is more or less a side bonus.

8. Strength. If possible - stop at 90 (full plate armor). Anything above 90 is only for extra DMG. Before battle with Diablo you will need more Vitality than 1-2 points of extra damage.

9. Resistances. They start to be important in Caves. Fire & Magic resists are both important. Don't neglect Lightning resist anyway - as the dungeon is randomly generated, you might get Lightning-wielding monsters in Caves. Also, Familiars (a variation of Glooms, appearing in Catacombs) has electric DMG.

10. You can safely leave in town your "reading glasses" (equipment set giving you bonuses to Magic) for book-reading. You need that Healing as high level as possible. Stone Curse too as it's very expensive and useful. Forget about offensive magic (except holy bolts, you might need them in Church levels at Normal - especially against Black Deaths).

11. Drink elixirs giving bonuses to attributes. Buy them too. I spend a lot of money for the Strength ones.

12. Always check Griswold magical items after your level-up. He removes 1 item from the list and puts new one each time you level up. Check Wirt from time to time too but I haven't bought anything from him this playthough.

13. Care with Advocates. You can't counter them with magic and your archery skills are too low so get high resistances (magic - their flash - and fire especially - Advocate's fireballs). You will be happy when you see how sword of speed stuns them and disallow them to escape.

14. Diablo tip: when you have unlocked his room, don't charge. Just walk about the walls and lure out the Knights. You shouldn't get any problems with eliminating them. Now's the big problem: if you come for the Advocates, Diablo will awake and start abusing his Apocalypse. Try to awake him and avoid fireballs. Heal intensively as apoc deals you a lot of damage (physical !). Lure him away to the room upwards the screen (the one with two levers, on the left side of the stairs to level 15). Go close and begin melee combat. If you're as good as me - he wouldn't even hit you or will hit very rarely. ;)

15. A blunt weapon for switch (esp. in lvl 3 if You have Leoric quest) is a good idea. His crown with life leech would be probably a great replacement for your current helm. If you don't have that quest - forget about blunts completely.

16. Sell nearly everything you find, especially when it's magical. This way you will be rich at the end so you could buy magic stuff from Griswold and later elixirs.

17. At lower level, you might better repair at Griswold but later your penalties would go down so it would still be a good idea to save money and repair it by your own means when you see the yellow / red warning. Hellfire note: Blacksmith oils would help you greatly. They drop quite frequently.

18. Save oils for later (except blacksmith ones). They are giving temporary effect - until a new game is created. So, if you want to get your weapon oiled, do it at a new playthrough. You might not need them in normal if your gear is good / very good.

I think I haven't added a lot of new stuff which wasn't been said previously. Maybe except few Hellfire-related notes.

Bonus: few pics of my warrior. I've levelled after killing Diablo and put 5 to Vitality. I'm currently at lvl 27.



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This for Bnet D1 not Hellfire:
I certainly exhaust strength first. Defense doesn't matter. Dex is slight. Magic for Town Portal. Later you need to buy Stat Elixirs for instance. Shield is fine at Caves before you shouldn't care. In Hell you need high Defense and a Shield.
Items you need are Glorious-Awesome Plate of Harmony or Stability, Master-Kings Sword of Speed or Haste. And it should be possible until Hell/Hell. Hell is almost HC Mode so careful. Better don't use Hacks afterwards when you die a lot. Lvl 1-12 Normal/Cathedral Lvl 12-24 Normal/Catacombs Lvl 24-30+ Normal/Caves Lvl 30-33 or 34 Normal/Hell and you can Advance in Nightmare/Caves until Lvl 40+ then Hell/Caves Lvl 40-46 even. 46-50 Hell/Hell. Should prevent dying alot.
Farming Equipment is NM/Hell with 40+ and Hell/Hell at 49+ (care). Details.
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