D Clone - Idle works but does karma?


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D Clone - Idle works but does karma?


Thought I'd share; been after D-Clone since June. Doing the "lazy-guy" method of just leaving games up when I'm not around. Wasn't real focused in June but still got lucky on 6/11 - server 162 / 20120 sold and a 20/18/9! Was happy with 3 points off perfect for my 1st Anni (this Ladder)!

6/17 156 popped at 5255 and rolled a 18/16/6. cool!

I did have a walk when I was leveling in a NM game... well I expect due to the count it was a walk but I didn't even check the server! :weep: I was a bit mad it happened when I was leveling and I knew the chances of me lucking on to the right server were slim!

I hit it pretty hard come July - 2 sessions running almost 24/7

Between the lag-outs and drop servers early on I thought I might be wasting my time!

Now we get to the end of the month!

7/26 server 46 goes 8579 8580 jumps to 8604 then 8644 and pops - 20/12/6.

7/29 155 goes from 22870 - 22952 pops - 18/19/7

7/30 server 64 does a 1 SOJ sold message (I didn't get the count) and pops - then server drops and dumps my game - server down (not realm down) message! Kinda thought "Oh Well; bound to happen sooner or later" - this was the first time I ever lost a D-Clone to game drop.

Had a party to go to tonight but thought - why not, I'll leave a couple games up - who know? Get back from the Pub and Low and Behold

22995 sold, 23013 sold, 23051 sold ..... server 76 pops!!!!!

That could have been 2 anni's in one day!!!!

I guess greed isn't something the clone likes - I got a 11/10/9 :rolf:

Not complaining by anni means - 5 in 2 months with really no work but leaving games up when I'm away.... :thumbup:


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Re: D Clone - Idle works but does karma?

I don't know what's wrong with my relation with Dclone...I've had at least 10+ idle games that I saw the initial 2xxxx or 8xxx SOJ sold to merchant within the first 10-30mins but I did not see the 2nd line comming EVER!!! I've waited anywhere from two hours to whole day....This is really frustrating arrggh. ONLY ONE line and no more and this happends to ALL the possible Dclone games I've created in the past 4 weeks.....

How do u check your server? is that a command u type in game??


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Re: D Clone - Idle works but does karma?

actualy you minimise the game and bring up your "Command Prompt" line.
Enter in "Netstat -n" make sure there is a space between the last "t" and the "-n"

You should get a bunch of lines of text; one of the lines will have 4000 in the text
The server should be the numbers just before the 4000 or
## ### XXX 4000 where XXX is the server.

I've had up to 4 lines of SOJ's sold without a Pop so you have to not get too excited about it. I usu idle games when I'm doing something else (or supposed to be sleeping) and can see both my monitors. I also idle 2 games when I'm away - usu game is dropped but hey, it has worked.

Thing I find wierd is with some of the pops the count has huge jumps - like the 76 one I mentioned above the count went 22995 sold, 23013 sold, 23051 sold?