Current season rewards


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So, I quickly got my ugly blue dog (it has no shadow, way to go Blizzard!) and the 2 transmogs.

Now I see that I have to accomplish significantly harder achievements and I was wondering what do I gain from completing them.


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I could care less for the portrait frames or the banners. To me, they are not really a part of the game and not worth making an effort for. They don't affect me or how powerful I am. They don't help me kill any faster either. Or slower for that matter. I still play the game and will buy another expansion, even if it's only another act and hero. But so called "rewards" like these are worth very little to me. When I stare at my character before I log in to the game, thinking he looks cool, most times I don't even see my banner.

Sorry, if you're looking for a fanboy mod who loves everything about the game, you'll not find it here.
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