Curious with no trading, a common thread I'm sure...


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I don't get D3 without trading.

Trading is the heart of the entire game!

I know blizzard is smart enough to realize this. Just watch, I guarantee that in some time trading will be reintroduced.

How do you guys keep this game meaningful? To me, acquisition of wealth was the game. But without currency (items, gold, runes), it's really a different game.

What is the point for you now? What keeps you playing?

What is actually the goal of the game (not abstract or philosophical, but a legitimate question. Of course the goal is to have fun, but general, wealth is a end goal if it isn't pvp) I don't even like PvP so that doesn't bother me.


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I just play for fun. I don't care about wealth. I did in D2 and had plenty of great items. I'll play at the beginning of most seasons and then get to 70, then wait until the next season. Rarely do I get above 100 paragon. Last season I think I got to 50. I like starting a new build each season and trying new skills. That's why I am still playing, although I took a season or two off.