cubing hell pit charms

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cubing hell pit charms

does char lv hav ne afect on the out come of the new roll? can i keep rerolling with my lv 1 mule or will i have better results with my 87 sorc?

thnx friends...


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Gheeds Army said:
does char lv hav ne afect on the out come of the new roll? can i keep rerolling with my lv 1 mule or will i have better results with my 87 sorc?

thnx friends...

You mean the "3pg+magical items" formulae? As I know, the item lv of the charm won't change here, so no matter lv1/87 both ok.


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"3 perfect gems + 1 magic item -> magic item ilvl=int(1.00*ilvl) or


This basically means that there's nothing that counts on this formula other than the ilvl of the item (or in other words, where did you get it)."


There are 4 elemental dmg prefixes that need high alvl:
alvl ** for +24 Poison Damage Over 2 Seconds
alvl 89 for +10-19 Minimum and +20-29 Maximum Fire Damage
alvl 90 for +1 Minimum and +44-71 Maximum Lightning Damage
alvl 91 for +8-10 Minimum and +15-20 Maximum Cold Damage - 1 Second Duration

ilvl 93 (Pindle charm) gets only alvl 87, not enough for them.
ilvl 95 (Baal charm) gets alvl 91, enough for all.
ilvl 98 (Nihalatak charm) gets alvl 97, more than enough for all.

WHY ilvl 93 charms get only alvl 87? You can use the formula of the alvl (in the beginning of the page), see how to do it below:

qlvl of small charms -> 28
ilvl or pindle charm -> 93

if (Ilvl> 99) then {Ilvl=99} (93 > 99) FALSE, ilvl = 93.

if (Qlvl> ilvl) then {Ilvl=Qlvl} (28 > 93) FALSE, ilvl = 93;

if (magic_lvl> 0) then {Alvl=ilvl+magic_lvl} FALSE
if (Ilvl <(99-qlvl/2)) (93 < (99 - 28/2)) -> (93 < 85) -> FALSE
then {Alvl=Ilvl-Qlvl/2}
else {Alvl=2*ilvl-99} ---> alvl = (2*93 - 99) = 87
If (Alvl> 99) then {Alvl=99} FALSE

That's how you get alvl = 87.

opus citat

This guide was written before v. 1.10 but I suppose it´s still working.


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except Pindle produce Ilvl86, Baal99 and Nihlathak95 ( but that doesn't change the fact that high elemental charms only comes from Baal or Nihl :))

-also you can use this :

Find your desired affix, get its ilvl, then find area in "ilvl hunting places" list

Small Charm Prefix:
Fine: +10-20 To Attack Rating, +1-3 To Maximum Damage (alvl 28, ilvl 42)
Shimmering: +3-5% Resist All (alvl 33, ilvl 47)
Ruby: +10-11% Resist Fire (alvl 40, ilvl 54)
Sapphire: +10-11% Resist Cold (alvl 40, ilvl 54)
Amber: +10-11% Resist Lightning (alvl 40, ilvl 54)
Emerald: +10-11% Resist Poison (alvl 40, ilvl 54)
Serpent's: +13-17 Mana (alvl 48, ilvl 62)
Toxic: +100 Poison Damage Over 5 Seconds (alvl 63, ilvl 77)
Smoking: +4-9 Min, +11-19 Max Fire Damage (alvl 64, ilvl 78)
Arcing: +1 Min, +25-43 Max Lightning Damage (alvl 65, ilvl 79)
Boreal: +5-7 Min, +9-14 Max Cold Damage - 1 Sec Duration (alvl 66, ilvl 80)

Only Hell Baal & Nihlathak can drop these?:
Pestilent: +175 Poison Damage Over 6 Sec (alvl **, ilvl 94)(also Diablo)
Flaming: +10-19 Min,+20-29 Max Fire Damage (alvl 89, ilvl 94)
Shocking: +1 Min and +44-71 Max Lightning Damage (alvl 90, ilvl 95)
Hibernal: +8-10 Min, +15-20 Max Cold Damage - 1 Sec Duration (alvl 91, ilvl 95)

Small Charm Suffix:
of Greed: 5-10% Extra Gold (alvl 1, ilvl 1)
of Inertia: %3 Faster Run/Walk (alvl 35, ilvl 49)
of Balance: 5% Faster Hit Recovery (alvl 37, ilvl 51)
of Anthrax: +50 Poison Damage over 6 sec (alvl 44, ilvl 58)
of Incineration: +5-7 Min, +9-13 Max Fire Damage (alvl 45, ilvl 59)
of Storms: +1 Min, +19-28 Max Lightning Damage (alvl 45, ilvl 59)
of Winter: +4-5 Min, +7-9 Max Cold Damage - 1 Sec Duration (alvl 46, ilvl 60)
of Good Luck: 6-7% Better chance of magic items (alvl 47, ilvl 61)
of Vita: +16-20 Life (alvl 47, ilvl 61)

Grand Charm Prefix:
+Skill: +1 to a Skill Tab (alvl 50, ilvl 50)
Was worth putting in here for obvious reasons oO

ilvl hunting places:
43 Normal: WSK Level 3 (Bloodlords only)
43? Normal: Throne of Destruction (Baal's Minions)
42 NM: Forgotten Tower 5, Catacombs 1+2, Cathedral
43 NM: Catacombs 3+4, Rocky Waste, Sewers 1+2
47 NM: Claw Viper Temple, Palace Cellar 1+2
48 NM: Palace Cellar 3, Arcane Sanctuary, Canyon of the Magi
49 NM: Tal Rasha's Tombs, Spider Forest
50 NM: Spider Cavern, Arachnid Lair, Flayer Jungle, Great Marsh
51 NM: Flayer Dungeon, Swampy Pit
52 NM: Sewers 1, Lower Kurast, Kurast Bazaar, Upper Kurast
53 NM: Disused Fane, Forgotten Reliquary, Kurast Causeway, Ruined Temple
54 NM: Ruined Fane, Travincal, Forgotten Temple, Disused Reliquary
55 NM: Durance of Hate
58 NM: Bloody Foothills, Chaos Sanctuary
59 NM: Rigid Highlands
60 NM: Tundra Waste (?, well the Tundra area in Act 5)
61 NM: Crystalized Caverns 1+2
62 NM: Glacial Caves 1+2
77 Hell: Lost City
78 Hell: Stony Tomb 1, Palace Cellar 1-3
79 Hell: Canyon of the Magi, Arcane Sanctuary, Spider Forest, Spider Cavern, Arachnid Lair
80+ Hell: Flayer Jungle and onwards

Hell Act 1 High level areas:
75-79: Forgotten Tower 1-5, starts at 75 and increases 1 for each level
79: Den of Evil
80: Burial Grounds, Hole 1
81: Hole 2
83: Crypt, Underground Passage 2
85: Pit 1+2, Mausoleum

(Origin Gaiacat from AB forums)


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sangfagel said:
Very interesting list! Could you post adress to this site, please?
For better (more complete) list of areas in Hell dif lvl look though in (sticky in the top of this site)
Im not too sure that im allowed to link directly to competitive forums, so sry :)
(if you ask the mods and they allow the link here or in a PM, Id give it to you)


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I grudgingly confess I don't know what alvl means (and I can't be the only one. At least I hope...)

Why is it that the longer I play the more like a newb I feel?


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alvl = affix level.

the preffixs and suffixs that spawn on magical or rare items are chosen from a list of affixs equal to, or less then the set alvl on the item.

the alvl is determined with an equation based off qlvl, ilvl and magic lvl.. it is posted above