Cubed me a JAH!!!!!!


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farting bob said:
players 1 is besty for countess, i have no evidence to back i up, but a few days ago there was a coutness thread tht expalined it all, but p1 id definitly the best for countess rune runs, and is much quicker.
Agree with bob here, i kinda works like this the more players she drops more items insead of runes, with 1 player she will drop her min 3 to a max of 6 runes, if her items drops roll a rune instead of an item.


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Amusingly enough the fastest way to actually get good runes is to rush yourself through to hell difficulty and do the hellforge quest. You can get some decent ones at nightmare as well
And of course if you're a total cheeseball you and a friend can take turns rushing yourself through to hellforge. Seems way too to me though
I'd rather PLAY to hell, and get my goodies legitimately. And the ones you pick up along the way are helpful as well.


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My goal would be to cube up to ZOD before the end of the year! If thats possible

I run the Countess for runes and I do some Pit runs. I have started cubing since 1.10 came out and cubing runes became available. Yeah i heard of the countess i run her on Players 1

I'm still far from Enigma! :D

I would need a JAH AND a BER! :(


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Two guys(noobs actually) im playing lan/ip with played together for some months and then they put together all their runes and got zod and some of the other high ones.


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I don't think the Countess drops are bugs - they're features. If I recall:

The Countess always drops 4 items. These are either picked her from her rune pool or her item pool. At players1, each pick has around a 50% chance of coming from the rune pool. At higher players settings, she is more likely to pick from her item pool. The top couple of runes she is capable of dropping appear only in her item pool, making them significantly rarer.

Congrats on the Jah. I'm not sure if I would have the patience to do enough Countess runs to cube a rune that high based on my current stocks. I think I'll stick with something simpler like trying to get a 1.09 level 99 character in each class...



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Icebird said:
I think I'll stick with something simpler like trying to get a 1.09 level 99 character in each class...

PWN! gg icebird! :lol:

We've got 2 more zod sightings these couple of days. Got a Ko and a Lum drop today! Woot! :D