CS/Bow Hybrid for PvP?

the boss

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CS/Bow Hybrid for PvP?

Do these old-school 1.09/1.10ers still work?

Skills points is basically the same except that you have 4 points into the bow section to get to Guide Arrow. Just wondering if it still viable..

Griffons 5/5 and Ber'd Shako(im considering 40-15 Shako)
Titans/Ss/Light faceted shield
P Mat Faith Bow switch
Dusk Coh OR Dusk Fort? dunno???
Highlords or Cats Eye
Bk ring
20Ias/Java or Bow glove??
Wartravs or Treks??

5x Java gcs, and rest Bow gcs?
frw/resists/life scs..

Also Off-topic, whats a good replacement for Bowazon charms besides 3/20/5s and 3/20/20s?


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Try finding 9-10max damage grand charms with life and ar mods. Those are a cheaper alternative to 3/20/20's and really your best option for a bowazon. And yea guided arrow no longer pierces the same but for a hybrid I'd say guided arrow is the best choice for finishing someone off. As far as your questions on items:

Fort I'd say, your bow damage will be pretty low without it
Cat's eye, its best all-around for amazons in general I think
Java gloves, Bow skills add little damage to non-elemental attacks
Wartravs, will increase your bow damage substantially. Where as treks just improve your fhr and life.

And max/ar/life gcs as I mentioned earlier.

You'll have a hard time hitting a lot of high bps for either a bowazon or javazon but you'll deal midrange damage for both. Have fun.

P.S. I would say your best bet would be to put less then 10 points in guided arrow and flood the java skill tree. Guided arrow damage won't increase that much per point the way charged strike and lightning fury will.


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trying using (1 point)lightning bolt insted of cs on ur titans switch
all ur physical damg (fort/+max charms/+dex) will convert into lightning and can result in some really decent damg