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Crushing blow for skelemancer

Discussion in 'Necromancer' started by Ezuku, Feb 3, 2004.

  1. Ezuku

    Ezuku IncGamers Member

    Nov 11, 2003
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    Crushing blow for skelemancer

    So hmm.... I can do baal runs, fair enough. Completly 100% safe once I reach his minions. Only problem is how much stupid health Baal has.

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrghhhhhhhhh, etc. So, I figured why don't I use crushing blow on a fast ITD weapon in order to ease the effort on my skeletons. Plus Bows on non-amazon characters just look cool :). So hmm, Kuko has the ITD exploding arrows, but do exploding arrows carry on crushing blow?

    How much health is reduced with every successful hit with a ranged weapon onto a boss?

    How much health is reduced with every successful hit with a melee weapon onto a boss?

    Would I thus be better using a 6 socket phase blade to beat him to death with eth eth eth eth shael shael?

    4 eths will let me hit about 90% of the time, right?

    What are the weapon breakpoints on a necro?...

    Oh, yes, and are there any cheap weapons that have + to zeal or strafe or GA and would these be a viable alternative?

    Thanks for your help
  2. GenXCub

    GenXCub IncGamers Member

    Jun 22, 2003
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    1) ITD doesn't work on bosses. There used to be a sticky with a CB Necro build that used a ETH ETH ETH ETH SHAEL SHAEL phase blade. (since ETH does work on bosses).

    2) Explosive arrows USED to carry CB with the explosion which is auto-hit. They've changed it. The explosion is still auto-hit, but the actual arrow is not, and they've moved the CB roll to occur if the arrow hits.

    3)here is the AS's crushing blow write up:
    Crushing Blow
    This is a chance of reducing a monster's health by X% in a single blow.

    -Default: 1/4th
    -vs. Players: 1/10th
    -vs. Hirelings: 1/10th
    -vs. Champions, Uniques, Bosses: 1/8th
    -with missile weapons: 1/16th
    -The life removed is also scaled with number of players. So that if a monster has 450% more life due to 8 players (or whatever the value is) the life removed is further reduced by the same amount (450% would equal multiplying by 4.5 so the life removed by Crushing Blow is divided by 4.5).

    So boss with a missile weapon, 1/16, or 6.75%

    4) There's no way to know how much health is reduced by EVERY successful hit since it's based on how many HP's the monster has when hit... it's not based on its full HP.

    5) 4eth's will reduce the defense to Zero, but the monster's level is taken into consideration on the attack roll as well, so it may get up to 95% chance to hit, but may not.

    6) Weapon breakpoints depend on what weapon you're talking about.

    7) Passion runeword has +1 zeal for any class. Its runes are cheap and can be used on any 4 socket weapon (bows too). the +10 blinds target is nice... but not with a necro (DV will override an existing curse except attract).
  3. Vizier

    Vizier IncGamers Member

    Aug 26, 2003
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    I might recommend another runeword if you're daring enough to get close to Baal: Crescent Moon: Shael-Um-Tir. It has ITD and a chance to cast Level 13 static field. It can be used with axes, swords, or polearms. A low-requirement sword might help do the trick.

    I've taken my skelemancer up next to Baal before and swatted him with my wand when I got sort of impatient. If you have a clay golem cast on top of him, it seems like Baal prefers to attack it more than anything else. So just keep yourself on the opposite side of the golem. Several others have posted that a Kelpie Snare on your merc with a clay golem will slow down his attacks, although I've never experimented with this myself. That would help pull this stunt off even easier.

    It's an interesting idea.. I think I'll try it next week.
  4. Peacrusher

    Peacrusher IncGamers Member

    Dec 9, 2003
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    OK MY merc uses Ethereal Kelpie (75% slow monsters) I cast decrep, CG on baal... My merc saunters up and stabs him in the butt... I swing once in a while with my babba and my skellies hack away... the only glitch is when i use a death lord or venom lord revive cuz those idiots get in the way of my real damage causing skellies... Baal Casts on average 3 physical attacks always at my CG cuz he's the first to attack... 1-2 of his nova things.... 1-2 of the blue wedge (hate that one) before he dies.... I can use amp when the merc and CG are able to get in there cuz together they have slow affect over 150%.... I still use decrep if I get a particularly tough baal that likes to tp outta danger.... stinking coward....
  5. Vajar

    Vajar IncGamers Member

    Jul 7, 2003
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    I'd use shael'd fleshripper (25% CB, -50% target defense) and use Poison Dagger if you have enough +skills. Poison Dagger has a huge +% to AR (up to 810% on my poison necro). Put on Guillame's Face (35% CB) and Goblin Toe (25% CB), and 2x Angelic Rings/Amulet and you'll definately be hittin him near 95% with a 85% chance of crushing blow at a pretty fast speed (fanged knives are -20). Socket Guillame's Face with an IAS rune and you'll hit 12 frames if you have shael in fleshripper. Fleshripper also has an added bonus of 20% slow target.

    Give your mercenary a crescent moon polearm. That'll static field him down while you CB him.

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