Crushing Blow Bowzon Thoughts


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Crushing Blow Bowzon Thoughts

I've had this idea on the backburner for a while and have most of the gear gathered now. And before I run through it, yes I am aware that Crushing Blow has penalties when it is applied from range, but I want to try it anyways.

She'll be a fairly generic Strafer skill/stat wise. Gear is where it starts to get interesting.

Bow: Witchwild String 170% Up'd socketed with 2 Ber's (40% Crushing Blow)
Helm: Guillames Face with a 15% Ias jewel (35% Crushing Blow)
Armour: Fortitude Archon
Boots: Goblin Toes (25% Crushing Blow for 100% Total)
Amulet: Cat's Eye for Ias/FRW/+Dex
Rings: Raven/Dual Leech
Gloves: Crafted Knockback's
Belt:Either Nos Coil or Razortail, am still undecided
Switch: Unsure
Merc: Act 1 Rogue with Faith (lvl 15 fanat)

This should give a fast strafe speed and 100% Crushing Blow on every hit. As a bonus Guillames + WWS will give guaranteed 100% Deadly Strike from level 85+.

Now what I'm wondering is, which belt would people recommend, Nos Coil for speed/leech or Razortail for pierce/damage? Also any recommendations for a switch? Cta seems a bit of a waste as without any +skills it'll need recasting far too often, so I was thinking possibly a Harmony for +3 valk and a vigour aura when I need to move a bit quicker.

Feel free to give any other suggestions/opinions/flames as well.


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If you get 20IAS on your gloves you dont need more IAS. That means Razortail should be your gloves, th epierce and the other stats on it are just to be good not to use.
Switch: I would go for Harmony.


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Usually when people talk about CB you suspect that they are going to start mentioning the ubers. If you have any ambitions like that, you need "hit causes monster to flee". You could use a rattlecage or swop a ber for a dol (I think it's a dol?) on the wws


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I agree with vrot.

I use an upgraded Rattlecage for the CB and the Monster-flee.

Works well. I don't know about ubering, but for general PvM play- it's a good set-up.


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Use the same set up with a different bow then decide how well crushing blow works. When amplify damage is going off, mobs are going to die fast regardless of what you are using. There is no "easy" way to make a log of your damage and compare different gear combinations so you have to use alot of subjective measures. You have some very nice gear to use.


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Strangely enough, given how merc dependent this build is I don't know if it actually would be any good for ubers. In addition I'd probably need to get dracs in there somewhere which would drop my speed even more. So what am I going to use this for? I actually have no idea. Rattlecage is intriguing tho, hadn't thought of that old thing.


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I dont have cb, cuz my merc has cresent moon. U just concentrate on knockback, slow (optional), and good ol dmg+speed (and leech ofc).