Crusader/Chargadin Question


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Crusader/Chargadin Question

I have searched the guides all ready and couldn't find my answer.

I saw 2 guides on a charger. One very different than the other in item choices for best item. Right now I have the 2nd set up and I am doing 33k without a merc. I'd appreciate it if you would clarify why one would be better over the other.

One had: Shako
Other: Gulliames (sp?)

First had: Dracul's
2nd Had: Steel Rends

lastly First had: CoH
Second had: Fort

I was wondering, mainly on these 3 items in question, which has been tested to be best or better in a pure pvp crusader? Thx in advance.


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I know nothing about this crusader you speak of, but I can answer a few questions.

One had: Shako (More life and mana, Personally this is a caster item and wouldnt use on a melee char)
Other: Gulliames (sp?) (Not sure about this item but i think it has OW)

First had: Dracul's (Good for the life leech and OW / life tap)
2nd Had: Steel Rends (I think these are good for barbs only personally)

lastly First had: CoH (Best caster armor in game)
Second had: Fort (Best melee armor in game)

Hope some of this helps a bit, just some in put I got from searching pvp builds and such.


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Guillaume's Face has got +15 Strenght, 15DS and 35CB so the DS and Strenght might have been the deciding factor.


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Tastychiken_europe said:
personally i thought that teh second one loced more gm didnt u?

I figured it was suggested because of the str/crushing blow (and DS also) but I didn't know if shako's 2 skills and more life would be better than those on the other.

if you mean gm as in good mannered as opposed to bm bad mannered I am not so concerned about that as I duel in pubs. I am not going for bm, but for me no items are considered bm. Only using a merc, nking, killing before someone is ready (like right when they get body or BOing)

Incase the rest of my gear is in question:

Current set up is
Guilliames face
Fort archon
eth botd t-maul
angelics ammy and 1 ring
raven frost
gore riders
steel rend


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Are you sure you didnt read a hybrid guide. Like a libby or sumthing that casts. Because shako and CoH are both caster items. Althought the skills plus your charge. To pick the best three id go with Guillems/Dracs/Fort