Critique my hurr/torn/oak druid


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Critique my hurr/torn/oak druid

Helm: Jalal's
Armor: Shaftstop
Weap: Wiz spike
Shield: Lidless
Boots: Waterwalks
Gloves: Magefists
Ammy: Rare +2 ele, +19 str and others
Rings: Manald & Raven Frost

20 skills in Hurr, Torn, Twist, Cyclone
1 in that ice blast skill
Rest in Oak.

Resists are decent but i worry about getting hit physically (hence the shaft). 1 physical hit in Hell is often all it takes cuz i dont have much FHR.

Please any constructive criticism is welcome! Cheers.


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Ditch the Manald for a 10% FCR ring. You need it to reach 100% FCR, which breaks the 99% FCR breakpoint.

Sandstorm Trek will give you 20% FHR.

Personally, I went with SS and max block, since Windy's are semi-melee to start with. Looks like it could be too late for you though. In which case, get a good merc to tank and take the hits.

mr hamster

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Get an enigma if it's in your price range. I find that teleport is invaluable, and a holy freeze merc may sound redundant with hurri, but i'm pretty sure it'll freeze CI's too, and try getting spirit shield for more FCR