Critique my build (some Q's as well)


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Critique my build (some Q's as well)

ok, well, i was getting bored of my elemental druid..was fun, but time for something new.

i use to have a talon/flight/ww...but then i slowly realized that asns have claw mastery, go fig. so i decided to get off my lazy butt and redo an asn.

here's my set up (feel free change me equip. or setup as you'd like):

MAX - claw mastery
MAX - venom
MAX - dragon flight

and the rest of the points i really haven't decided how to allocate them. i am of course going to put a few into fade, blade shield, and who knows what else.

as for my equipment:

Coa (2 5/5 psn facets)
high lords/cats eye
trangs gloves
shadow dancers
2 ravens

on switch CTA/spirit

my inventory is rather emptyish, gonna just pump it full of life scs, and a few max/ar charms


now, which is better...claw/shield or claw/claw/weapon block? and if you could, please go into a detail explanation.

EDIT: ps if anyone could, please gimme a general idea of how i should stat myself. i know vita is #1 priority, but between str and dex, which is more important?

please give me a rough layout like so, if it's not too much...

STR: xxx
DEX: xxx
VITA: xxx

ty :)

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VIT is definitly #1 and with STR and DEX they need to more or less the same as most claws require the same STR and DEX.

Having 2 Claws is a good idea cos you can get several skills to make them better like Claw Mastery, dual claws and Block which can have more Block% them most Sheilds and with Daul-claws you can attack with both claws at the same time.

Dragon flight is a bad idea as it doesn't use claw damage it uses kick damage of boots, plus the teleport kick doesn't do alot of damage unless playing PvP.

You should get some charge up skills like phoenix strike as it can use any element and gains bonus from nearly all charge up skills.

hope this helps! :thumbsup:


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it does help, and yes, i am going for pvp. that's why i was thinking about maxing DF to tele to enemies and chop 'em up. rather than chase them around and have them run away.

btw, belt i am going to use is ether dungos/or tgods depend on the case, and arachnids when im bored.


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nice equip :mad: :lol:

I personally like claw/sheild because you get the high block %, and good resis'(i personally like claw/sheild 'cuz i am a kick 'sin). But maybe the claw/claw is good for + skills, and faster hit (think it does). If you do use claw/claw, you will end up needing to put points into weapon block, and if you had the claw/sheild you are sacrificing damage, for staying alive more. so more of your choice, but i prefer to stay alive and keep dishing out some damage rather than put out alot and hope to kill every thing before they kill you.

EDIT: sorry, i missed the part of str, dex, vit and all that stuff.
Basically if you need more damage;str. and if u need to hit them more;dex. and if you need to live more;vit. I gues thats kind of a no brainer, but i just go off of that, I have only once used a guide to create a char, i just think of one myself (well duh kick 'sin has been thought of, i just thing of skill/stat distribution for myself). Here's my two cents:

180: str
200:vit (+ any thing else that remains)
+10-20 mana (+ that from base, base is not enough mana)

P.S.-put a couple in BoS (burst of speed) definetly

Hope this helped.


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thx, i usually go weapon/ good ol' barb build. but reading a few things here and there made me realize more, better skills, more fhr, weapon block, fade (res/dr). pretty neat bundle there, so imma try it.

also, got a jade talon (jah'd) for sorcs, tell me if i made a mistake here.


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Doesn't weapon block also block magic attacks? If that's true then weapon block would be the best.


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The reason most barbs go Weapon/Shield is that 75% blocking makes you win more than double damage with no blocking.

With Assassins, C/C and Whilrwind is always better. Not only do you get to hit twice as often and use mods that are better for PvP on the second claw, you still maintain your blocking while in Whirlwind animation. And, as Fido mentioned, you can block magical attacks.

Just beware that your block rate will be 0 when you are walking/running.


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I'm confused, I read in a couple place that WB doesn't work while running/walking
but in the FAQ it says
"In addition, WB chance to block remains the same when you run, unlike Shield block, which decreases to 1/3, when you run."
So which is right? And the FAQ should be changed if it's wrong.