Crescent Moon


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Crescent Moon

I was thinking about making a tesladin and it seems pretty clear that crescent moon is a must...I have it narrowed down to either the phase blade or the cryptic sword, i have both but i am not sure which is better...
Things that matter to me:
Attack Speed: I want to have an extremely high rate of attack,and am wearing items which give +40 ias and will use zeal

Damage: This isnt that important, but im pretty sure the damages on both are about equal

Requirements: I might be able to save some 30 attribute points if i go with the cryptic sword

I want my tesladin to have the highest health possible, while maintaining good speed and damage...
Final Thoughts:
I am leaning towards phase blade for a couple reasons. It has indestructibility, i already have it made, plus in the end the high dexterity will also lead to a higher ar, and higher block i can use eaglehorn on the wep switch

thx in advance for all replies!


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if you already have 40 IAS on other equipment, u'll hit 5fps with both weapons. Cryptic sword does more damage in this case, but is less reliable 'cuz of its huge damage range.

If you socket the cryptic sword, make sure it's not superior. I made the sad, sad mistake of socketing a superior.

Except for apperance wise though, I think phase blade is the way to go. You'll want the additional AR from DEX anyway, you're gonna have a pretty hard time hitting boss creatures.


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Looks good. Go with it.

Phase blades are nice becuase of speed and that you dont have to repair.

Good luck with you Tesla :)



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not really, u need 75% total IAS to hit 4fps zeal with phase blade and holy shock aura. Currently he only has 60% IAS, unless he gets another 15% IAS it's still 5 fps