Creeping Death + Resentful Spirit


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I was wondering if the Resentful Spirit rune would have to be changed if Creeping Death is implemented as it is now, and if Resentful Spirit would be overpowered if it were to last forever.

Currently, it does 191.5% weapon damage per second for 2 seconds. If it lasted forever, it would do.. well... infinite damage. I guess my question is, "Is this improvement good enough?" I'd say it was.

As a test, go and cast Resentful Spirit on MP10, see how many casts it takes to kill a single enemy. Now just imagine not having to re-cast at all, ever.

You can move around. You don't need to spend mana to deal damage. You can allocate the rest of the skills of the build to movement speed buffs and damage buffs, with very little focus on survivability. You don't need to tank anything ever. You don't need to stand still, spamming bats. You don't need to chase anything down.

I'd say that if combined with Locust Swarm, Haunt could now be powerful enough to be used a primary attack, with the main draw of the build being the "fire and forget" type playstyle where you could just cast just two spells on a screen full of enemies and then just run away to a new pack, with very little risk of actually taking any damage, or missing a kill on an enemy.

Give it a try, and prepare for a new era where Haunt is actually good.