Crazy.. Like A FOX! (weird rabies/fury idea)


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Crazy.. Like A FOX! (weird rabies/fury idea)

Okay, I got the idea after doing a bit of math for a thorns thread in the PvP forum. Here goes:

Level 21 thorns: 1050% return. (Perfect aura bramble.)
Level 36 thorns: 1650% return. (Bramble + Edge.)

pvp_penalty*thorns_penalty=0.017 total penalty, so final damage return to a 0%DR char:
17.85%, 28.05%
With amp damage:
35.7%, 56.1%

So, based on that... A rabies/fury druid that attacks with an eth lacerator (33% CtC amp damage) then after amping/letting rabies drain them a bit, switches to an Edge bow.

Pros? You can hit 10K life with a werewolf, so on that alone you should be able to kill most WWbarbs after amping them. You'll take some hits while trying to amp, sadly, but since you're hitting with rabies you can let it drain them a bit before switching. Your primary switch naturally has max DR with storm shield.

Cons? Low range with the lacerator (1) so hitting will be a pain. Smiters will be a real pain - fury is interruptable is it not, so using that to cast amp is out of the question. I also don't know if smite is affected by thorns and their life tap = they win if it procs. Oh, and casters will be a pain, since I have no idea where your resists/FRW would come from - you'd probably have to switch to a Silence weapon and possibly a resist shield, so you're gonna be relying on gear switching a lot. Bone necs... Just don't hostile those.

What do people think? With a bramble/edge/lacerator switch for phys damagers, and a whatever else switch (with FRW/resists) for casters, could this be viable? Can the huge damage return once they're amped make up for the fact that you're trying to rabie them with a range 1, slow lacerator? How well can this work?