Crazy idea (massive regen build)


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Crazy idea (massive regen build)

I'm not sure if it would work well or not, but has anyone ever tried a Paladin based on regenerating massive amounts of life?

I went through some items to figure out (what I think is) the maximum possible regen..
-25 (max prayer; use cleansing)
-40 (insight norm. combat merc. Assuming his prayer aura is level 17, which I remember hearing somewhere)
-25 or 28 (Skin of the Flayed One or 4-Dol armor)
-18 or 21 (Steel Shade or 3-Dol helmet)
-15 (amulet of revivification)
-10, 12, 16, or 20 ("Honor," "Call to Arms," "Eternity," or various unique 2-handed weapons)
-16 (2 Manald Heals)
-13 (Verdungo's Hearty Cord)

So that gives 162 life per second with the minimum values there, and 178 if you choose to go all-out. And keep in mind that this leaves the shield, gloves, and boots open for customization, as well allowing some good gear options in the actual base setup.

What do you think? Would it be possible for somebody to focus on regen like this without making a weak (in terms of both offense and defense) character? I'd try it, but I quit Bnet a while back, and I'm just getting started in SP.

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That's 162 total, not life/second. There's probably a formula in the Facts and Formulae Archive for life regen.

That said, I don't think the build is worthwhile. Potions drop often enough, and they offer better regen. Life leech offers the same.



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uhh...theres the guide for the pvm "invincable" pally...If thats the lines your talkin. He regens more life then he recieves in damage I guess. That definitly would not be viable pvp tho..something like a huge dmg light sorc would still cut you down fast...along with many others.

IMC :grin:

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Yep indeedy, the invincible abbot:
It uses damage reduction, possibly from a bunch of Sol's, but using Dol's to up life regeneration is an interesting take on the idea. I think for this build actual -xx damage was greater than percent damage reduction, as in pvm you take relatively lower damaging hits more often (so keep that in mind if giving this a try). Although you certainly can't ignore SSoG's claim that "I parked him amid two dozen Gloams, Greater Hellspawn, and Horror Mages in the Hell WSK, went and made a sandwich, and when I came back he was still at full health." If nothing else it should be fun, give it a try.


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I personally thibk that if you want survivability, then a gosu sorc is better :p They can have the ability to tank single hits of massive damage. In return they have the weakness that their shield has a finite "durability". However, that weakness isn't really that big because with a large enough mana pool and a bit in warmth, you'll regenerate so quickly that you'll have full mana again by the time you reach your next fight. Also, I believe that a gosu sorc's killing power is higher (and not to mention the ear a bit cheaper).


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HCKull said:
Auras won't stack.
The same auras won't, but different auras WILL. Remember that Cleansing and Meditation give the healing from Prayer, so between the merc and the paladin, all three are active at once.

EDIT: just for clarification,
-Prayer and Meditation come from a Norm Combat merc using "Insight."
-Cleansing comes from the Paladin.

Those three will all stack.

And that "Invincible Abbot" thing seems interesting.


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I'm making one now actually...he's not finished but so far i can't be killed by anything in nm. Things in hell still hurt though. When im finished im going to post a vid of me taking a nap in WSK (if it works :D). My calculated max prayer was 133 i believe per tick. 107 pdr 85 + resist all (96 light res). pretty damm hard to kill.